Archives II

A Heart-to-Heart Talk
The Waste of Haste
Her Best Friend
Need Some Space? 
Looking Through an Optimist’s Lenses
Death of a Church
Show a Little Gratitude
A Clean House
Cheating on God
Soul Drought
God's Plan: Confusing or Clear
When the Barn's Full
Remember What Is Good
Take a Slow Ride
More Time Lost Than Found
Wrestling with God
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Those Ugly Labels
Who’s Telling Whom
God's Ladder
Growing a Sin Scar
When the News Is Bad
Living Ready
Falling to Success
Living like a Stranger
Faith Stepping
When Life Takes a Turn
Life's Uncertainty
Think About What You Think About
Purpose or Punishment
Living with Purpose
Men Stepping Up
Loving the Simple Things
Going Through, Coming Out, Preparing For
God Unemployed?
The Right Path
Got It, Didn't Want It
Confess, Don't Bury
Never Forgotten
In the Badlands
Beat the Beat
What Tests Reveal
My Source of Strength
Confronting Shame
Unforgiveness and Mints
On Growing Up
Harvesting Joy
Making Memories All Times
When the Days are Long
Worm Attack
Ready for Battle
A Christian Response to Coronavirus
Facing the Inevitable
Deciding with Tomorrow in Mind
Integrity in the Dark
Oiled Down
Always the Same
Dead-End Living
On Call
Get It Right
Do Right...Even in the Rain
Influencing Like a Mosquito
Choosing the Important
Restoring the Stolen
Where the Beauty Lies
Light but Heavy Influence
No Leak
Confronting the Crash
Even Expensive Houses Get Bats
Tied Up in Knots
When Life Changes in a Second
When Famine Strikes
Living with Balance
God's Little (and Not so Little) Surprises
Hope for a New Year
Christmas' Unexpected Changes
When Life Rises and Falls
It's Not Okay
Damaged Goods
Beauty Amidst the Clouds
The Unpardonable Sin
The Spice of Variety
A Different Thanksgiving
Dedicated to the Cause
Grabbing the Opportunity
Stay Away
The Slump Called Summer
Staying Focused
Choices and Consequences
Going to a Father
What if God Doesn't Come to the Rescue?
When Bling Becomes Bad
Robbing Peter
When Plans Go Awry
Trained for Life
Resisting the Pull
A Proud Parent
Making a Difference
Missing the Obvious
The F.A.L.L.
When God Is Not Looking
Leave More Than Stuff
Where Can God Be Found?
Enough Is Enough
Until the End
Too Near the Sting
The Wrong Word the Wrong Way
Give Until the End
Protected from Evil
Disciplining Love
The Right Clothing
Even the Birds
Aha Moments
Don't Let the Complainers Win
Running Away
Miracles Still Happen
In Control
Securely Bound
Helping Hands
The Covering
Fully Armed
Out of Control
When Something Can Go Wrong, It Will
Higher Ways
Unpacking and Packing
Time for a Change
Joy in the Body
Aggravating God
Follow the Leader
The Greatest Giver
The Thought Reader
My Secret Life
Connecting to the Creator
Only One Way Out
Rising Above Rejection
Bread and Juice
Unlimited Understanding
Good Advice
When Problems Pile Up
As You Have Been Forgiven
No Limits
Loosing the Arm of Unforgiveness
Thankful for Fleas
Give and Get
Not the Boss
Full-Service Guaranteed
Date with Destiny 
Saying I'm Sorry
Privileged to Pray
Honesty at a Price
More Than Imaginable
A New Thing
All Parts Needed
Some Things Never Change
Reaching the Goal
When a Child Can ... but Doesn't
Life, Fragile, Handle with Care
Change Thinking, Change Actions
Bouts with Doubt
Hearing the Voice
No Planting, No Fruit
Giving Up to Get
Running to God
Walking the Straight Path
Through Thick and Thin
No Fear
Piece by Piece
Grace Ticks
Known by God
Not Just Desserts
Stinky Days
The Gathering
Work at It Hard
The Great Separation
Seeing Life Clearly
Penned for a Purpose
Loving by Luck
Cockroaches and Light
Living Beyond the Limit
Things Change
Straining to the End
Go Willingly
The Great Provider
Interpreting the Signs
Am God, Will Travel
Seeing Jesus Clearly
Giving from the Heart
When Least Expected
Instant, Not Always Best
Seed Sowing
Mammy's Chair
Aging Gracefully
Village Work
Lifelong Love
The Wrong Preserver
Lost in the Backyard
Do What You Can
Acting on Impulse
The Tongue Will Tell
Caring Enough to Stop
Driven by Fear
Seeing Only Shadows
Choosing Right
Greed's Path
Getting Down and Dirty
Living in Purity
Good God, All the Time
When Matches Don't Match
What Fish Money Can Do
Fit for the Work
Share My Toys?
Envying the Heights
Holding God's Hand
What's in the Closet?
The Power of the Reputation
The Power of an Influencer
The Comfort Channel
Forward and Backward
God's Requirements
Changing the Mind
Clogged Up
Gap Standing
Good Gossip
Second Chances
Giving in or Getting Over
The Clock of Life
Staying in the Lines
Loving like Jesus
Appearances Aren't Everything
The Peacemaker
Pressured by Pressure
Plowed for God
Grasping Grace
Consistent or Inconsistent God
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
The Separator
Filtered for Purity
Give Until It Hurts
Covered with a Comforter
Quitters Never Win
Praying Through
Threads of Life
Money, Money, Money
Thanking a Boss
Forgiving an Enemy
Changing the Atmosphere
God's Delays
Be Yourself
Restaurant-Style Patience
Too Soon to Die
A Change of Mind
The Sound of Forgiveness
When Roots Turn Bitter
The Best Book
Good Enough for Dad
Throwing Back the Trash
Saying Goodbye
Pure Religion
God's Masterpiece
The Way That Seems Right
Pushing God Away
Littered but Lovely
Putting on the New Self
Pretending into Reality
See a Need, Meet a Need
Saying Goodbye
Leaning Toward God
Be Content
I Don't Understand
Follow Directions
Shining the Light
Living Triumphantly
A Matter of Perspective
Who Are You?
The Shape of Our Shape
Chasing the Worthless
Abide, Don't Strive
Hidden but Working
Can't Run, Can't Hide
Racing Against Life
The Whirlwind Called Life
Be Ready
When Death Knocks
Ruptured Routines


Memory Failure

Coming Back for More

Fox on a Wall

God's Renewal

All-the-Time God


The Table Light

Do the Book

The Letter

Snake Surprise

Excited about God's Plan

Going the Distance

Maintaining Your Shape

Don't Fear the Light

Enjoy the Journey

Trying to Change the Unchangeable

Mistaken Identity

Pack Lightly

Clothed with Christ

Take a Seat

Engaging the Culture

Serving the Least


Watch Your Mouth

Stomping Out Prejudice

To Forgive . . . Or Not

Blind Guide

Those Hovering Parents

Picture of the Church

Identity: Was Versus Is

Building a Lasting House

Love Fulfills

Fear Not

Wind Grabbing

Living with the End in Mind

Seeing the Real Picture

Perplexed by Trials

Turning Loose the Leaves

Stamps for Trade

Loving the Misfits

Tools of the Shed

The Power of One

Finish Well

Before and After the Vote

Don't Know, Don't Understand

Running by Faith

The Best Exercise


Share the Load

Faith over Feelings

Mind the Chickens

The Frustration of the Unknown

Friendship's Benefits

Just Ask

Restricted Use

Life Cycles

Investments with Guaranteed Returns

What a Walk

Club Benefits


Looking for Evidence

Conquering Stress

Peeled like a Potato

Promise Keeper

Angels of Mercy

Sit In

How to Grow Your Nose

Purpose Driven

Hearing Voices

Decisions, Decisions

One Big Reunion

Seeing Clearly

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Life's Best Comforter

Good Comforting

Refined by Sorrow

Wondering Why

To Help or Not

Fear Not

Sin Sick

Chickening Out

Take a Break

An Army of Misfits

Grief My Way

The Death Vigil


Healthy Habits

God's Safe Place

Swallowed by Sorrow

Oh to Be Content

Stir Up the Gift

Hot- and Cold-Running Christians


Downsizing . . . of Sorts

Building Blocks of Healthy Relationships

Squirrel Determination

A Living Will


Serving with Joy

Loving a Neighbor

Dog on a Foot

The Key to Satisfaction

Cleaning Fingerprints

3 Reasons Parenting Isn't for Parents

Culling Cuckaburrows

Loving the Least

Cleaning Fingerprints

Flying Low

Unexpected Move

Walking in the Garden

One Thing after Another

Giving the Finger

Being God's Man

Family Reunion

Flawed but Functional

When the Game Plan Changes

Pointed in the Right Direction

Wanting What I Want . . . Now

Advice from the Wrong Source

Act like a Child

Follow the Son

Enduring to the End

As Pure as Water

Spirit Clouds

All Things to All People

What Speech Reveals

God Hunger

Feast Day 

Healing the Hurting

Expect the Unexpected

Kind to the Bone

A New Normal

Entertaining Angels

Ignoring God

Sweating-blood Scared

Forging a Legacy

Rehearsing God's Word

Getting the Big Head

Wrong Place at the Right Time

Fruit Inspector

Forgiveness, God's Business

Giving the Best

Choice Not Destiny

Dealing with Despair

Life's Unexpected Turns

Dealing with a Difficult Audience

Keeping the Vessel Clean

Submitting to the Potter

Forgiving Self

Serious about Serving

Feeling Forgotten

Transformation Killers

When Dogs Are Coons

Known by the Markings

Book of Books

Little Things Matter


When the Circus Tent Isn't Large Enough

More Than I Asked For

Pulled by Porn

Hiding from God

The Road Ahead

Plan to Succeed

Dependable God


Too Many Words

Accepting Rejection

The Uncomfortableness of Change

Trudging Through Muddy Waters

A Time to Be Silent

Wrong Is Never Right

Doing Things the Right Way

When God Calls

Cheating Death

God Will Supply

Missing God's Will

God's Stretch

Living with Hope

Overcoming the Wiley One

Enduring Life's Thorns

God of Mystery

Giving God His Due

Fenced in by God

Christmas Abundance

Stop Before Stepping

Christmas Justice

Christmas Decisions

Religious Mix

People Patience

When the Brook Dries Up

Innocent Before God

God's Buts

Less Talk, More Wisdom

Road of No Return

How Not to Be a Miserable Comforter

Moving Beyond Betrayal

When Darkness Closes In

Tutored by God

God's Light

Thankful for What

Life on a Higher Plain

Be Secure

The Pain of Rejection

Proving Faith

An Inheritance from God

Visually Impaired

When the Bottom Falls Out

Winning over Temptation

Engaging God's Plan 

Insecurity Examination

How Do I Decide

Prayer Posture

Sin's Fallout

Under Attack

Feeling Forsaken

Silence Is Golden

Truth That Never Changes

Longing for God's Presence

The Burden Bearer

The Complainer's Coaster

Accepting God's Plan

Buried Treasure

Life Is Precious

Daily Baths

Change with a Purpose

If Only

Deciphering Jesus

Pide's Deep Slice

Straddling the Fence


Technology's Overload

God's Rewards

Be Happy

Fringe Benefits

Freezing out Temptation

Why I'm Here

Finalizing the Final Affairs

Trusting the Unseen

Jesus' Reverse Psychology

A Family Tradition

Living with a Giving Spirit

Mid-Morning and Afternoon Snacking

Filtering Life

Full Service God


Junking for Jewels

Chewing on Sin

Smelling Good for God

First Things First

Perspectives on Possessions

When God Hides

Hearing the Horn

God's Plunder Room

Walk the Path

Protected from Self

Life on Loan

Seeing Dimly

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Loving the Right Things

Baking a Religious Cake

Doing Self-Examinations


Swim, Don't WADE

When Death Stares

A Different Peace

Gentle As...

When God Moves Slowly

Never Forsaken

Spilled Out

Dressed and Ready

In God's Presence

Preparing the Vessel

The New Norm

Stopping for Directions

Advice from the Wrong Place

Tearing Down Strongholds

God's in Tune

Mercy Shown

Putting the Past to Rest

Tackling Life's Trials

Cast Your Cares

Axing Anxiety

A Bridge to God

Making Love Last

God's Grasshoppers

Settling for Less

Giving Up the Right to Understand
Determination Delivers
Harder than It Has to Be
Prayer Works
Hiding Behind Fig Leaves
Jesus the Mind Reader
Finding Peace
Conquering Through Praise
Angry at Grace
Baptized into Christ
Leaving an Inheritance
Dieting for God
Choosing the Right Weapons
Models of Christ
Pierced for God
Philosophy Jesus Style
Jesus to Me
Fear Not
Just Bursting Rocks
Expect the Unexpected
As Industrious as Ants
Ruled by Fear
Changing the S
Positioned for Security
Help Wanted
Restless Wanderer
Passed Over
God of the Unexpected
Security in...
Don't Say That Word
Dying in Peace
God's Talking Donkey
Bottled Up
God and Strays
Change is Good
Making a List
Unleashing the Holy
Precious to God
When Life is Unfair
Hating the Holy
Fitted Together Perfectly
Fired for God
Holding the Truth
Never Beyond Reach
A Special Gift
Frequent Flyer
Stuck in Place
God at a Distance
I Thought I Knew You
Connived by Company
A God My Size
Holier than the Rest
The Secret Place
Jeremiah Wasn't a Bullfrog
Direction Changed, Mind Not
Dog Determination
Choosing a Substitute
Loving through the Faults
Wrestling with the Past
Guarding Against Infection
When Failure Strikes
When Life Goes Awry
Violated Conscience
Traits of Effective Leaders
Searching for the Stray
Worthy of the Calling
Infinitely More
Living in Beggar Mode
At Home with God
God's Helper
Incapacitated by Fear
Privileged to Serve
The Art of Contentment
Cleaning the Slate
God's Secret
Segregated No More
Outside In 
Credit No Good
Dead Man Walking
Barriers to Acceptance
Longing for Home
Lonely at the Top
Life Out of Focus
When God Says "Come"
Sheltered in the Storm
It's God's Body
God's Atomic Power
God's Guarantee
Getting to Know God
Inheritance in the Waiting
Spiritual Benefits
Undeserved Mercy
Advice from the Wrong Place
Good in Every Way
Sing a Song
Mad at Sin
Using Your Sixth Sense
When Hope Is Crushed
Light for My Path
Faithful to the End
How Long Lord?
Daring to Discipline
Redeeming Suffering 
On a Leash
Who's Influencing Who?
Discerning Life's Direction
Fatal Attraction
Be Strong
Healthy Anger
Looking for the Worthwhile
Lying to Yourself
Good Grief
Down in the Dust
Just Passing Through
Speaking Truth into Memory
Hide n Seek
Keeping Pure in an Impure World
Living with Integrity
Hungry for God
Mistaken Identity
When the Wine Runs Out
Getting into the Deep Waters
Held Accountable
Quite in Turmoil
Enter the Garden
Keeper of the Memories
No Greater Love
Death's Lessening Effect
Feeling Forgotten
Taking the Long Road
At the Front of the Line
A Personal Guide
Life Is Precious
Washing Away Guilt
Can't Miss This Appointment
Prisoner of...
God Multiplies Differently
Distracted by Distractions
Loving-Not Enabling
Spring Cleaning                                                 
Managing Stress
Never Beyond Failure
Why I Write
Defeating Discouragement                                
Bending Wills Not Spirits
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions                          
Where Is Jesus?
Ringing Reputations                                          
Tired of Corn Flakes
Prone to Wander                                               
Freedom Responsibilities
Wandering Jew
Love's Not an Emotion                                       
Fruit the Hard Way
God's Undo's                                                      
More Than a Bargain
God Among Us                                                   
Good News About Temptation
A Different Kind of Jesus                                   
Finishing Well
Sober Thinking                                                  
Deceiving Appearances
Over the Edge
Forgiving Me                                                      
Secret Disciples
Recognizing God's Voice                                     
Eating the Good Stuff
Reflecting for God                                             
Curing Workplace Stress
The Subtle Thief                                               
Teched by Technology
Storm Promises                                                 
Balancing Family Time
No Death's Sting                                                
Breaking the Chain                                            
Managing Priorities
The World's Best Mirror                                     
Living With a Clear Conscience
The Grace Principle                                           
Facing Opposition
When Tragedy Strikes
God's Discipline                                                 
Lifting the Fallen
Paid in Full                                                       
Living with Uncertainty
Never a Failure                                                 
Dealing with Depression
Different is Okay                                               
Going to the World
The Hundred Dollar Book
Depression's Deception
You Can Run
When God Says No
Discover Your Child
Good Grief
Never Beyond Grace
Coming to Grips with the Workplace
God Isn't Mad
Neither Condemned nor Condoned
Success Ensured
Don't Drive When I Am
Life's Like a Clock
When Life Gets Crowded
When God Sends Tragedy
Walking Out on God
Barns of Plenty
Overcoming Fear
Heart Rebellion
Pennies for God
Smelling Good for God
Enduring Love
Be an Influencer
Image Bearers
What Fear Does
Discovering God's Purpose
Getting Dirty for God
Confronting Doubts
Restless Wanderer
Inner Power
Mothers Step Up
You Only Live Once
God in the Darkness
Hope Assured
Angels All Around
The Right Path
What's Stifling You?
Baggage Allowed
Ultimate Hopelessness
Contentment's Secret
Free for the Asking
Helping Hands
Tearing Down the Barriers
Planting Seeds
Stones of Remembrance
Who Are You?
A Matter of Perspective
Handling Criticism
Playing Favorites
Preserving the Temple
Holding God's Hand
Death's Sting
When the Son Shines In
Life on the Other Side
Blessings Poured Out
A Touch of Encouragment
Like a Thief
Does God Really Care?
Claiming God's Promises
What Grace Brings
Decisions, Decisions
Benefits of Belonging
Expect the Best
Accepting God's Will
Beyond Control
Never Too Bad to Love
Who Am  I?
Praying God's Will for Others
Misplaced Focus
Honesty-Still the Best Policy
Struggling Through Life
The Power of Two
Listening to God
Defined by Convictions
Living with Anxiety
Anxiously Awaiting
The Whiner's Corner
Savor the Flavor
Fishing in the Right Place
Born for a Purpose
Responding to Fear
Spiritual Shortcuts
Loving My Enemies
Fall Back Not Under
God Misses Nothing
God's Guardrail
Dealing with Doubts
Living with Purpose
Declaring God's Glory
Here's Hope
Seeing Clearly
Thanking God Properly
Praising Through Pain
God on Vacation
Worship Wars
Empty Nesting
Responding to God
Complexly Created
Make a Difference
When Christmas Mixes with Sorrow
Mixing Up Values
Do the Right Thing
Living with Limitations
Christmas Surprise
What Will Your Bio Say?
Christmas Silence
Christmas on the River
Christmas Changes
Maintaining Margin
A Baby for Christmas
Christmas Grace
The Christmas Gift
A Different Kind of Christmas
Christmas Far Away
Christmas's Perfect Gift
Christmas in a Strange Place
Hearing Voices
Giving All
The Big Switch
Troublemakers in the Church
Sometimes God Leaves the Thorn
5 Ways to Influence People
Restoring Broken Relationships
Protected Under God's Feathers
Who's In Charge?
Chosen Not Substituted
Defined Not Labeled
Life Through a Keyhole
The Power of Forgiveness
Spiritual Workouts
Growing Up Isn't Easy
What Do Others See?
Three P's for Failure
When God Calls
Running Out on God
Pain is Temporary
What God's Presence Will Do
The Power of Replacement
What If I Make God Mad?
Quitters Never Win
God on Call
What Truth Does
Pointing the Finger
Calm in the Chaos
Settling for Less Than the Best
Think Differently
An Honest Appraisal
Greatness in Small Things
Investing in Others
God's Attention Getter
Even the Birds
Snow White and the Forgiven Sins
Where's Your Confidence?
Where Are You Headed?
When the Earth Moves
What Do You Need?
Centered on God
Where Can God Be Found?
Chameleons for Christ...or Others?
When Pigs Are More Important
Cures for Restless Nights
What Are You Leaving Behind?
When Sin Gets Comfortable
Figs Leaves Won't Do
God's Desperate Love
Better Left Unsaid
Never Beyond God's Reach 
Driven by Dreams
Enjoy the Journey
God Can Handle Complaints
Moving the Mountains
Grief's Gain
Facer or Avoider
Just Do Right
Clean but Dead
Life's Tests
Passing Life's Pop Tests
Defined...But Not by What I Do
What's Killing You?
Integrity's Quest
Trouble's Goals
Idols, Idols, Idols
What Pushes Your Buttons?
From Hardship to Healing
Bible Thumper
Shaken Faith
It Doesn't Fit
Impatience with God
Living like a Worm
God's Bridge
What's the Hold Up?
Putting on the Grace Face
Right Is Never Wrong
Finding the Right Path
Power to Forgive
Delayed Gratification 
Weary and Burdened
Unending Love
Preparing for Life's Trials
Christ's Shirt
Made by God
First Things First
Power to Control
Love and Fear
Sin List
God's Son, Our Savior
What If...
God's Cover
Appointed to Death
Filling in the Gaps
Grief My Way
Confronting Sin
Time Management
God-the Great Recycler
Tangled Up
Less Self
Good Intentions, Bad Timing
Wilderness Thinking
Facing Loneliness
Killing Giants with a History
Facing the Truth
The Price of Being Different
Communicating in a Tech Savvy World
A God with Eyes
Held by God
From Trash to Treasure
Waiting Wisely
Tough Decisions
What Speech Says
Pick Your Battles
Freedom Before God
The Power of Teamwork
The Cure for Pessimism
Rejection Hurts
Looks Aren't Everything
Scoring Points at Home
Coming Apart
Our Little, God's Much
God's Mighty Act
Battling the Weeds
What We Have in Christ
Personal Responsibility
Hope from a Duck
Give What You Can and How You Should
Security in Christ
Filling the Void
Bilingual Communication
Choosing to Forgive
Looking Back
Fewer Words Are Better
Seeing Others as God Does
Restless Living
The Gap Stander
When I Don't Ask
The Source of Strength
Strength in Unity
Wearing Blinders
Perspective from the Mountain
Too Busy for God
Be Happy with the Happy
The Head Lifter
Life on a Treadmill
Secure in Christ
Maintaining a Clear Conscience
The Goodness of Grief
Life on the Bottom
Where Do You Go When There's Trouble
Meshing Personalities in Relationships
Making the Negative Positive
Living on God's Side
Laughing the Blues Away
Obeying God's Schedule
Sorrow's Benefits
What Are You Leaning On?
When God Surprises Me
Hope for Troubled Hearts
Tearing down the Strongholds
Swimming to Serve
Capable of the Worse
Down and Can't Get Up
Walking on Water
Down but Not Out
Powered to Serve
Running from Problems
God's Adequacy, Our Inadequacy
How's Your Listening?
No Fool Here
Us and Them
Life's in the Blood
Where's the Confidence
Body Parts Needed
On Display
Blessed by Blessed Out
Giving with Joy
Eternal Health Care
Clean Outside and In
Peace in Turmoil
Foundations Are Essential
Speak Less
Positioned with Benefits
The Lord is My Shepherd...But
Free in Christ
Don't Forget God

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