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Love Lines from God Writing Guidelines

1) Pray about your devotion.  

2) Make it applicable to life experiences.

3) Use one scripture. Please note the version of the Bible you use. (NIV, KJV, etc.)

4) Your devotion should be 300-400 words using the Hook, Book, Look, Took method. Hook- Catch the reader's interest with a brief story or shocking statement. Book -Declare your key point or theme and your interpretation of the passage. Look -Present the big picture and offer a practical application. Took - Lead to a decision, offer an action statement. Challenge the reader to change.

5) Include: “Devotion Submission” in the subject line. PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS AS AN ATTACHMENT.
*Attach a .jpg of the author as a separate file.
*Include a short bio at the end of your devotion and submit this as a Word doc. or docx file attachment.
*All submissions must be accompanied by author name, address, phone, and email address on the devotion.

6) Avoid controversial subject matter. Our ministry is to introduce the readers to Christ, teach them through personal experiences, and show them how to develop a devotional life. We expect our devotions to be Biblically sound and not embedded with metaphysical or new age beliefs.

7) Don't preach.

8) We reserve the right to edit or reject any devotions we receive.

9) Upon acceptance, you will be sent an acceptance letter with your devotional postdate. Please jot this date down. When your devotion posts, please send an email to your friends and family encouraging them to read your work.

10) Love Lines from God is not a paying market.  

11) Submit them as follows: 

· A) Paragraphs single spaced and double space between each paragraph. Do not indent. 

· B) Add a brief bio on the bottom of your devotion and attach a .jpg photo if available. 

· C) Save each item as a file and label them as such. 

· D) Include your home address, phone numbers, and email address in the header line. 

· E) Put your name on the devotion. 

· F) You remain in control of all rights to your work. 

· G) Send your devotion to: mandmwiles@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your submission. We consider every devotion a gift.

*Guidelines adapted from www.christiandevotions.us

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