Monday, November 12, 2018

Holding God’s Hand - Martin Wiles

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world. James 4:8 NLT
When I hold my wife’s hand, everything is alright with the world.
I remember the first time I held my wife’s hand. Everything wasn’t okay with my world then. I had gone through a troubling relationship meltdown. My trust level had hit rock bottom. But when I took her hand in mine and our fingers intertwined, the anxiety disappeared. 
After we married, we continued to hold hands: while we were riding in the car, while we were walking across a parking lot, while we were shopping in a store. No matter where we went, we joined hands.
Our hand holding changed over time. Eleven years later, we don’t hold hands as much. Not because my wife doesn’t want to. I’ve become the slacker. And not because I don’t want to hold her hand. I just forget to grab it. I forget how important it once was—and still is. I’ve taken her hand for granted.
Occasionally, my wife reminds me about my failure: “You don’t hold my hand like you used to.” And I quickly reach out and grab it. With a smirky smile, she’ll say, “Oh no, I had to ask for it now.” I smile and keep holding it.
James implies believers should hold God’s hand, but a couple of things will prevent it. I can’t hold God’s hand unless I believe in what Jesus Christ did on Calvary’s cross and accept the forgiveness of my sins He purchased. Even after doing that, I can’t hold God’s hand if I live with unconfessed sin. Holding God’s hand and sinning are mutually exclusive.
God is a holy God and requires His people to be also. Sin disgusts Him, even if we try to give it a more politically correct name. But when I let go of sinful practices, He will draw near to me and I’ll be able to draw near to Him. I’ll experience a closeness like I do with my wife when I take her hand in mine.
As God draws near to me, He’ll help me through life—the daily struggles, trials, and victories. Nothing will get me down because He will pull me along, guiding me along the best path. Most of all, I’ll have the assurance that I belong to Him.
Don’t let go of God’s hand. Seek His kingdom first. When you do, He’ll draw near to you, and you’ll experience life at its best.

Prayer: Father, we desire to hold Your hand so we can be the people You designed us to be. 

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