Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hearing the Voice - Martin Wiles

Inside the Tent of Meeting, the Lord would speak to Moses face to face. Exodus 33:11 NLT

“My greatest fear is not being able to hear his voice.”

Our headmaster gave his final remarks to faculty and staff at our annual Christmas meal when he made the statement. He wished us a Merry Christmas but reminded us that not everyone enjoyed the season—especially those who had lost loved ones since the previous Christmas. And he had. His father had died several months after Christmas. At their last family Christmas gathering, our headmaster had no way of knowing it would be the last with his father. Not wanting to forget his father’s voice, he told his mother never to erase his voice mail message from her phone. 

I share my headmaster’s fear, but perhaps I have an advantage. My father was a preacher, so I have several recorded CDs of his preaching—from when he was a young man until just before he died. When I think I’ve forgotten how his voice sounded, all I have to do is pop in a CD—something I wish I could do with other loved ones who have died.

Moses didn’t have a voice problem with God. He had a special relationship wherein God spoke face to face with him as people do with each other. Listening was his only challenge.

In the present time, God doesn’t speak audibly to people as He once did. We have his full revelation recorded in His Word, so no further need for a word from Him exists. All we must do is listen to the Word He’s already revealed.

God will, however, apply His Word to our daily situations. This requires listening, and the way we hear is through the indwelling presence of His Spirit.

God’s Spirit can speak to us in such a clear way that it almost seems audible, but hearing Him requires prayer, time in His Word, sensitivity to spiritual things, fellowship with other believers, and perhaps even fasting.

Anything God’s Spirit tells us will agree with His Word. If it doesn’t, then we haven’t heard from God—as much as we might like to think we have.

God wants us to know His mind, so we can always be on track with His will for our lives. So listen. He’ll never lead you in the wrong direction.

Prayer: Father, thank You for speaking to us by Your Spirit. Help us always to hear You clearly. 

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