Wednesday, January 29, 2020

No Leak - Martin Wiles

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me. John 10:28 NLT

For six hours, the rain pounded our tent.

My wife and I couldn’t have asked for a better four-day July camping trip. Temps hovered much lower than normal for this time of the year, and apart from a few light mountain showers passing through, we enjoyed fair weather. But things changed on the last night of our trip.

We made our way to the bathhouse and decided to check the weather while we were close to the Wi-Fi. A line of strong thunderstorms marched our way. Although it was 11:30 p.m., we decided to pack the outside stuff, leaving only what remained in our tent.

At two a.m., the rain arrived. Not much thunder and lightning, but pounding rain. Rain that still fell when we awoke at daylight the next morning. I lay, listening to the beating on the tent. If it did not stop by eight a.m., I planned to shove everything in the car, wet or not.

Yet, I was more worried about the wet on the inside of the tent than I was on the outside. Several times during the night, I shined the flashlight around the inside to make sure things were dry. No leaks. Pretty good for a moderately priced tent.

Jesus talked about another kind of leak. One His children don’t have to worry about. When in His arms, His children are safe. They won’t perish, and no one can take them away from Him.

While God is the father of all—in that He created everyone—He is not the Father of all. He is only the Father of those who choose to make a decision to follow His Son. This happens by accepting what Jesus did on Calvary’s cross. There, He made payment for our sins.

Making that decision doesn’t make me perfect, but it does make me safe. I’ll still sin … occasionally … but I won’t habitually as I did before I met Christ. He gives me power to overcome. And He always forgives when I mess up. He places no limit on His forgiveness. He simply wants me to confess and repent.

Once in His care, Christ won’t throw me away, nor can anyone steal me from Him. His love doesn’t leak. I’m safe there, as my wife and I were in our tent. Things may pound against us, but God’s love won’t let them overcome us.

If you haven’t received God’s love, do so today. Then, rest in the security found there.

Prayer: Father, thank You for holding us securely in Your loving arms.

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