Monday, July 23, 2018

Leaning Toward God - Martin Wiles

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 NKJV
Every day, they leaned in various directions.
For the first time, I planted sunflowers. I planted them for my wife. She wanted the large variety that grew six feet tall.
I picked a spot that received a lot of sun. After all, they are sunflowers. Since I couldn’t remember exactly where I planted them, I wasn’t sure when I saw the first sprout appear whether or not it was the sunflower. Maybe it was a cucumber—or a weed.
The plant lived up to its name. The stalk grew six feet tall, and I watched its action from the window each day. In the morning, it leaned toward the East—long before the sun ever appeared. During the day, it stood erect. As the afternoon and evening approached, it leaned toward the West. Each day, it repeated the same pattern—even if it was cloudy. Although I couldn’t see the sun, the sunflower knew the sun’s direction.
I thought about how much better nature serves its Creator than I sometimes do. I tend to lean toward other things than the Son who created me also. I’ve been known to lean towards myself, others, culture, philosophy, addictions, food, tech devices, busyness, unhealthy relationships, play toys. The list is endless. Not necessarily all sinful things. Just focus stealers.
I don’t lean on God because I need Him as a crutch to get me through life—although He does do that. Nor do I prop on Him because of what I expect Him to give me. Or because He wants me to be good and nice. I lean on Him because I’ve experienced life without leaning and discovered I’d rather lean.
A good dose of humility helps me lean. Remembering I’m nothing apart from Him but can do all things when I’m in a relationship with Him. Humility helps me stand erect and always bend in God’s direction. Pride—thinking more of myself than I should—draws me in the wrong direction. I’ll lean to the West when I should point East.
God created us with free will, which allows us to tilt in whatever direction we choose. But He encourages us to lean toward Him. He knows how harmful leaning in other directions is.
Don’t lean in the wrong direction. Lean toward the Son.

Prayer: Father, draw us to Yourself so we will lean toward You and enjoy the best in life. 

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