Monday, January 21, 2019

Am God, Will Travel - Martin Wiles

Have the people of Israel build me a holy sanctuary so I can live among them. Exodus 25:8 NLT

What I had on my back went with me everywhere I traveled.

On a bright morning, my wife dropped my daughter and I off at a secluded parking lot that accessed the Footrails Trail. Five days later, she would pick us up thirty-eight miles down the trail. On our backs, we carried everything we needed to survive.
Over the next five days, our backpacks followed us wherever we went. And we wanted them too, though many moments arrived when we wanted to shed them. The weight slowed us down and made our backs ache. Their cumbersomeness made walking awkward, but we knew the importance of a properly supplied pack. So we carried them all the way to the end. We dared not leave them behind.

After delivering His people from four hundred years of slavery, God led them to Mount Sinai where He gave Moses the Ten Commandments, along with many other ceremonial and dietary laws. Additionally, he told him to construct a tabernacle to house, among other things, the Ark of the Covenant—a box-like piece of ornate furniture with rings on each corner for poles so they could carry it everywhere they traveled on their way to the Promised Land. 

Even the tabernacle was portable. God wanted them to understand that while He was God, He still traveled with them everywhere their feet marched.

God still travels with His people. He’s not confined to a church or a denomination. He temples on the inside of His children through the presence of His Spirit. I can’t leave Him behind when I go places I’d rather He not go or when I say things I’d rather Him not hear. He’s with me everywhere—when I’m obedient, and when I’m not.

Wherever life takes me, God goes with me. He protects, guides, encourages, and comforts. I can’t leave Him behind, though in times of rebellion I might want to. He formulates every detail of my life for good, for He has my best at heart. And as my pack supplied all I needed for the hiking journey, so God gives me all I need to do life.

Regardless of where life takes you, remember God goes with you. He loves you, directs your life, and wants you to consult Him with every detail.

Prayer: Father, thank You for traveling with us through life and for supplying all we need to have an abundant time along the way. 

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