Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Backtracking - Martin Wiles

Then they plotted among themselves, “Let’s choose a new leader and go back to Egypt!” Numbers 14:4 NLT

When the path disappeared, we had no choice but to backtrack.

For a few months, my brother and I had hiked in Panthertown Valley, North Carolina—a secluded place with acres of forest, streams, and trails. Since the trails were somewhat confusing, we located a map of the area.

On one trip, we followed the map and headed toward our destination but were surprised and confused when the trail suddenly disappeared at the top of a mountain. We had not made an error, so we assumed the map was wrong. Since we couldn’t continue forward, we decided to backtrack to a familiar point.

Instead of returning down the trail we had just used, we lumbered down the side of the mountain in the direction we knew a familiar trail existed. Once on that trail, we regained our bearings and headed to our destination.

God had delivered His people from 400 years of slavery, parted the Red Sea for them to cross on dry land, and now brought them to the border of the Promised Land. Prior to entering, their leader, Moses, sent in twelve spies to explore the land. Upon returning, they brought a mixed result. Yes, the land was as God had promised, but walled cities and giants would prevent them from taking the land. At least, that’s what the majority reported. Only two wanted to move forward.

The majority prevailed, but not without consequence. That generation would wander in the wilderness for forty years. Only the younger ones would eventually enter the Promised Land. And they would not backtrack to Egypt as they wanted to.

Returning to Egypt would have been disobedience and sin, but in another sense, they did need to backtrack to Egypt. Egypt had been a terrible experience, but they had learned lessons there. They witnessed the marvelous power of God to deliver them from a powerful oppressor. Obviously, their short-term memories were … well … short term.

We all need to do a little backtracking from time to time to remember how powerful God is. To remember how He’s worked in our lives in the past and to remember His promises for the present and future. He has guided us in the past, guides us now, and will guide us into a wonderful eternity. Nothing or no one is more powerful than He is.

When life appears overwhelming, do a little backtracking.

Prayer: Father, take us back to the place where we realize You are all we need.

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