Monday, January 29, 2018

Intimidated - Martin Wiles

As I was on the road, approaching Damascus about noon, a very bright light from heaven suddenly shone down around me. Acts 22:6 NLT
“Intimidator.” He was once proud of the name—but not anymore.
Richard and his brothers had a reputation. Brawny and bad to the bone, they didn’t take nothing off of anybody. Messing with them was bad news. They would gladly take you down—for little or no reason at all. Their violent words were matched by violent behavior. Fights were their business, and they went looking for them. Richard wore his nickname well and was more than willing to show anyone why he had it—until someone more intimidating than he was showed up.
Richard discovered God wasn’t scared of him and was more than willing to fight for his soul. He couldn’t bully God . . . couldn’t even touch Him. But God could fight him in ways he couldn’t defend himself against. He could hurt his conscience and his heart. He could bring out the soft side of him that he let no one else see.
Richard still speaks about his nickname—but in the past tense. That’s who he was, but it’s not who he is now. He saw the light.
Paul saw a light too. He was also big and bad—but in the religious field. This new “Way”—Christianity, had to be stamped out. So he busied himself arresting Christians and dragging them off to jail where many of them were put to death. Until he saw the light. The same light Richard saw thousands of years later. The light of a greater “Intimidator.” An intimidator who informed him that he was traveling the wrong path.
God doesn’t intimidate with catcalls, fights, and threats. He intimidates with the truth about me. I’m a sinner in need of help, and He’s the only One who can assist me. I can’t work to be good enough for Him to accept. Someone better than me—someone perfect, had to suffer for my sins. And in His love, God allowed His Son to take my place on a rugged cross. All He asks for in return is my love and obedience.
Relationship was why God created humans in the beginning and why He died for them in the end. No matter how intimidating I may try to be, I cannot out intimidate God’s truth about who I am and what I need to do.
Feeling intimidated? Accept God’s truth, love the Great Lover, and experience life at its best.

Prayer: Father, we draw nigh unto You, for nothing else will satisfy the hole in our hearts. 

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