Friday, November 11, 2022

Living Under God’s Roof - Martin Wiles

Living Under God’s Roof
If you love me, obey my commandments. John 14:15 NLT

Living under God’s roof will differ from some roofs we’ve lived under.

“As long as your feet are under my table, you will do what I tell you.”

I hated the saying, but it seemed to be my father’s favorite. I don’t recall hearing it when I was a young boy—probably because I didn’t do anything to cause him to say it. But that changed when I reached my teenage years. Dad didn’t appreciate some of the friends I hung out with, nor the bad habits I picked up—and he didn’t even know about all of them.

When I began sassing him and momma, telling them how much I hated living under their rules and trying to buck them in any way I could, he told me I would obey as long as I lived there. And that’s why I didn’t live there any longer than I had to. As soon as I graduated high school and got a full-time job, I moved out. Doing so was like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t do anything wrong or illegal, but I could make my own rules about life.

Several times after moving out—for various reasons—I needed to temporarily move back home with my parents. Then, I was an adult, but if I didn’t do something Dad thought I should have, he’d throw the old saying up again. I always thought to myself, I’m an adult. You don’t have any authority over me anymore. He didn’t—but he did if I lived with him and didn’t help with the bills. Understandably, I didn’t hang around any longer than necessary.

Jesus told His followers that obedience signaled their love for Him. And He didn’t put any age limit on their obedience.

We are all under God’s roof, whether we want to be or not. He’s the Creator; we’re the created. But when I decided to become God’s child, I began living under His roof in a different way. Before accepting Christ as my Savior, I wanted to go my own way, as I did when I was a teenager. After choosing to follow Christ, I want to go His way—as long as I live.

God’s commands are for our good, and God adorns them with grace and mercy. Obeying His commands helps me live at peace with Him and others. At times, God’s commands may seem harsh, but that’s because I’m viewing them from the wrong angle.

On occasion, I thought I wanted to get out from under God’s roof. I dabbled in areas I had no business messing with. I soon discovered nothing I thought I enjoyed even began to compare with living under God’s roof.

Choose to live under God’s roof by obeying His commands. No better dwelling place exists.

Prayer: Father, guide us to live under Your roof with gratitude and obedience. 

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