Monday, November 30, 2020

Use or Lose - Martin Wiles

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10 NLT

He only had little, but he used it well.

By today’s standards, my grandfather would have been classified a small farmer. He only owned one hundred acres of land, some of which woods covered. Nor did he possess many of the things most farmers consider necessities.

Initially, he and my grandmother rented half of a house. The owners lived in the other half and used the home as a vacation getaway. When his finances permitted, my grandfather bought the house and land.

Only two barns decorated the property: one for storing crops until taken to market and the other for farm implements. My grandfather used one compartment for his tools, one for his small red tractor, and the other for occasionally parking the car under.

We never knew until after my grandfather’s death how much he had accumulated in cash. He could have easily bought more farm equipment that would have made his and others’ lives easier. But he chose to hire field hands to harvest some crops, and he enlisted the help of a wealthy neighbor who had fancier implements to harvest those crops that couldn’t be brought in by hand.

By choice, my grandparents lived a frugal lifestyle, but they used well what they had and made a good living. Both had the talent to farm and put it to good use. While not a spiritual gift, farming was my grandfather’s natural talent.

Peter says God gives at least one spiritual gift to each believer—and often more than one. In various places, the Bible lists the gifts. Although believers differ on whether or not those listed are an entire list—and whether or not some are still active—the gifts are present in believers’ lives, nevertheless.

Our job is to discover them—whether through experience or by spiritual gift inventories—and then use them well to serve God and others. Had my grandfather not honed his talent, he would have lost money on the farm, and perhaps the farm itself. He anticipated more, as we should. When we use well what God gives, He often gives more.

Although the farm benefited my grandparents mainly, it also benefited those whom my grandfather hired to work it. Our gifts should do the same. Jesus says we serve Him by serving others, and He gives us our gifts to do just that.

Discover your gifts and use them well.

Prayer: Father, help us use well the gifts You have given us.

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