Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Investments with Guaranteed Returns - Martin Wiles

Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. Matthew 6:19 NLT
He thought I earned big bucks, but his smile turned to confusion when I told him I made nothing.
Prior to our Sunday evening service, I talked with one of our sound technicians who had recently returned to college. Knowing I had taught grammar, he wanted to share a website he had discovered that improved his writing.
In our conversation, I mentioned I was the Managing Editor for a popular devotional website. As I described my responsibilities, he said, “That must pay pretty good.”
I returned his smile and said, “Here’s how much it pays” and formed a zero with my hand.
His confused look told me he didn’t understand. So I explained. I love editing and grammar. I also love investing in the lives of other authors, giving them the benefit of my knowledge and training. As many editors have helped me, so I want to assist others. Their work—which will be posted on websites and in journals, books, and newspapers, will outlast me. 
Jesus doesn’t say having possessions is wrong, but He warns they can steal our focus from more important things. Things don’t last, and things can turn our focus from spiritual pursuits. We live in a throwaway age where stuff lasts less time than it once did. Rather than focus on holding on to earthly play toys, Jesus says I need to store my belongings in heaven. But how?
As I post my own devotions on the internet and assist other authors in doing the same, I’m making an eternal investment that will outlive me. Long after I’m dead, my words for the Lord will circulate and continue to influence people’s lives.
I store treasures in heaven through spiritual disciplines. As I pray, read God’s Word, fellowship with other believers, share my faith, and use my spiritual gifts, I send rewards ahead to my eternal home.
Storing treasure in heaven also takes place every time I do anything that will outlast me. When I invest my spiritual heritage in my children and grandchildren, I store treasure in heaven. Hopefully, they will follow my example long after I’m gone. When I mentor a younger person in their spiritual journey, I send treasures to heaven. They too will outlive me and carry on the faith.
Heavenly investments won’t rust, break down, or be stolen. Invest in eternity, not earth.

Prayer: Father, guide us in those pursuits that would send treasures to our heavenly home with You. 

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