Monday, July 8, 2019

The Covering - Martin Wiles

The cherubim spread their wings over the Ark, forming a canopy over the Ark and its carrying poles. 1 Kings 8:7 NLT

Without it, I feel exposed, vulnerable, afraid.

When I was a young child, I wanted cover. Even when I stayed with my maternal grandparents in their old farmhouse that had no air conditioning. The summers sizzled, but I had to have a sheet covering part of my body. 

At fifty-eight years of age, I still want cover. With a house that has central air and heat, I could adjust the temperature so I wouldn’t need cover, but I have to have it.

And when camping, I want cover. During the hot summer nights, I snuggle in the sleeping bag rather than lay on top completely exposed. As if the sleeping bag would protect me from a bear.

Having cover over my tent is also a good idea, especially if I purchase an inexpensive one that is water resistant rather than waterproof. Putting a tarp over the tent keeps the water out should it rain. I’ve had enough experiences to know what happens when the tent doesn’t properly shield water. A soggy sleeping bag, mattress, and clothes aren’t enjoyable. Neither is mopping up water from the tent floor. Or feeling the drops splattering against my face while I’m trying to sleep.

King Solomon knew the importance of cover, too. After building the Temple, he had the priests and Levites bring in the various pieces of furniture that would occupy it. Among them was the Ark of the Covenant—the holiest piece that contained the Ten Commandment tablets given to Moses and the piece that represented God’s presence. The priests placed it in the Holy of Holies under the wings of two cherubim whose wingspan reached from one side of the room to the other. They covered the presence of God.

As His children, God promises to cover us. When life is confusing, disappointing, and depressing, and we can’t see which way we need to travel. When the bills are more than the income, and we don’t know how we’re going to pay the rent, mortgage, internet, satellite, or electricity and water. When the relationship—or marriage—has gone sour and the door slams never to open again. Or when the children seem out of control, rebellious, and hopeless.
Whatever comes our way, God promises to cover us with wisdom, strength, hope, and peace.

Let God cover you, so you can face whatever comes your way.

Prayer: Father, we take the cover You provide so we can endure the trials of life.

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  1. What comfort and peace to know we are covered in His love. :-) Have a blessed week!