Saturday, December 22, 2018

Do What You Can - Martin Wiles

As his body was taken away, the women from Galilee followed and saw the tomb where his body was placed. Luke 23:55 NLT
Her world was small, but she was determined.
Our church had entered a denominational-wide effort called Light Your World. We made plans, and then launched out into the community.
But Samantha couldn’t go with us on any of these endeavors. As I encouraged people to join our campaign, she said, “Preacher, my world is very small.” And it was. She was a frail elderly senior adult who couldn’t drive and rarely left her house. But she possessed a large heart. We didn’t let her incapacities keep her from helping. I gave her ideas. She could make phone calls, send cards, and pray. None of those things required her to leave her home, and all lay within her ability to do.
In the first century, women couldn’t do much either. Not because of age but because of their status. They were considered the property of men and depended on them to supply their needs. They worked almost as slaves. Their word meant little, demonstrated by the fact that they couldn’t testify in court. Yet, women followed to see where Jesus was buried, and women are who Jesus first appeared to after His resurrection. Though they couldn’t do much, they heralded the news of the risen Savior.
God has more than enough work for His people to do. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something—regardless of their age, mental, or physical capacities. Since I can’t do everything, it’s important that I do exactly what God wants me to do. I discover this through prayer and waiting for the prompting of His Spirit. Jesus said if I asked I would receive.
I also must take the initiative as Samantha did. She didn’t let her age and life situation keep her from helping with the campaign. God will guide me, but I must demonstrate my interest and faith by taking the first step. Jesus told the women to tell the disciples He had risen. Later, He told the disciples to tell the world.
Telling starts with me—and every other person. And the ways to do it vary but are enhanced by technological marvels. Mail cards, send emails, visit the nursing home, sing or give a devotion at an assisted living facility, feed at a homeless shelter, join a prison ministry.
You can’t do everything—but you can do something. Do what you can.

Prayer: Father, show us where we can begin telling the world about Your love. 

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