Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Seed Sowing - Martin Wiles

Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted! Matthew 13:8 NLT
“I feel like I need to apologize to you.” 
Jonathan was a young boy when I first met him. My dad pastored the church he and his family attended, and I lived in the area for a year. Then I moved on. Fifteen years later, I taught at a small private school that Jonathan attended. He was now a teenager. A good kid, but he wasn’t too interested in school. Several other children who had attended that small country church also attended the school.
After four years of teaching, I moved on again. Now a message was popping up on Messenger from a lady whose son I had also taught at that school—and who attended that small country church. They wanted me to preach their Homecoming message. I accepted. 
As I stood before the congregation, I asked those whom I had taught to raise their hands. Eight young men and women responded. Some I had misgivings about when I taught them—Jonathan included. Would they make it through school? Would they amount to anything? But they had. All were now married with families of their own. They were business owners, financial representatives, teachers, farmers. One was even the headmaster at that small country school.
Jonathan didn’t need to apologize. Neither did the rest of them. They were merely teenagers growing up. Me? I was just a seed sower who had planted a few seeds that were now producing fruit. But I wasn’t the only one. Their parents had sown too. So had the church and other schoolteachers.
Jesus said that’s what happens when we sow on fertile soil. And the soil of these young peoples’ lives was fertile. Their parents had brought them to church and taught them the principles of God’s Word. Teachers and preachers in the church—and at school—had reinforced their efforts. Now they reaped the benefits.
No matter our position, we’re seed sowers. We sow into others’ lives—students, friends, casual acquaintances, enemies. We offer a firm foundation for them to build on, a relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer an example of right living in a world gone wrong. And we’re patient—as the gardener and farmer are. Seed doesn’t sprout overnight—nor does it produce fruit in a week.
Look for daily opportunities to scatter good seed. Then wait for it to produce fruit.

Prayer: Father, send us opportunities to sow seed into people’s lives.

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