Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Consistent or Inconsistent God - Martin Wiles

Your help seems as uncertain as a seasonal brook, like a spring that has gone dry. Jeremiah 15:18 NLT
Looking back over my life, God appears to have been inconsistent.
God has protected me from injuries in vehicle wrecks, but He let me have a bicycle wreck that incapacitated me for two weeks. And though I’ve never had a terrible life-altering disease, God did permit my gallbladder to deteriorate—which led to surgery, a blood clot, and a painful open wound. I now have a wonderful wife who I wouldn’t trade for anything, yet I had to endure a painful, unwanted divorce to get her.
Presently, I earn enough to pay our bills, but there have been many years when the money ran out long before the next paycheck. We now have a new car, but for the first ten years of our marriage, we drove used cars. And God has allowed my wife and me to have three of our four parents, but He took one of them.
Jeremiah accused God of inconsistency also. Like a seasonal brook, God overflowed with blessings when the spring rains came but only trickled when summer, fall, and winter arrived. He was like a dry well, failing to provide much-needed water.
As a prophet called of God, Jeremiah spoke faithfully for Him for forty years. And what did he get in return? No one listened. His family, peers, and friends rejected him. Poverty haunted him, and to top things off he was tossed into prison on one occasion and into a muddy cistern on another.
But God wasn’t really inconsistent—in my life or in Jeremiah’s. Appearances can be deceptive, and they often are with God. He works behind scenes we can’t observe. What looks like inconsistency isn’t. God is always just, righteous, and loving—constantly looking out for the good of His people. He faithfully provides for our needs and never leaves or forsakes us. When it appears He is failing me, He is actually molding me.
My job—as difficult as it sometimes is—is to trust God in the dry times as I do in the plentiful times. To walk by faith when the brook overflows and when it dwindles to a mere trickle. God’s blessings may come in greater abundance at one time than at another, but His blessings are consistent as well.
Don’t give up on God. He consistently works in your favor whether it appears He is or not.

Prayer: Father, thank You for continually working for good as You direct our lives toward Your desired goal. 

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