Thursday, December 7, 2017

Seeing the Real Picture - Martin Wiles

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV
We stood gazing across the river at what our eyes couldn’t believe.
My daughter and I were backpacking. Our third day out, we came to a swinging bridge that crossed Horsepasture River. But as we looked at the other side, we noticed a large tree had fallen across the stairway ascending the neighboring mountain—the mountain we had to climb.  Without binoculars to view the situation up close, we had two choices: turn back or move on. We moved on.
An enormous pine had fallen across the steps. What we couldn’t see from the other side was that the mess was passable—with a little ingenuity. Since my daughter was only 12 and skinny, she easily passed beneath the tree. I wasn’t so fortunate. I removed my pack, hugged the tree tightly, and shinnied over. Had I slid down the tree, I would have also slid down the mountain.
Just as my daughter and I couldn’t see the full picture from where we stood on the other side of the river, so I normally can’t see all aspects of my life’s journey either. Nor could the greatest missionary who ever lived. He said he walked by faith and included all believers in the journey. Faith helps me see that the real picture isn’t as frightening up close as it may appear from a distance.
With faith eyes, I can see God has a plan. His plans for me are good. He wants to bless, not harm. His plans have a purpose, and if I’ll pursue His plan I’ll live a more abundant life than I could possibly find through power, possessions, or pleasure.
With faith eyes, I’m reminded there’s a spiritual warfare taking place. God wants me to enjoy His best while Satan wants me to pursue his plan. The first brings lasting joy and peace while the second only brings temporary satisfaction—along with eternal torment.
With faith eyes, I can see the victory is won. Christ assured the final victory on Calvary’s cross. By relying on His Spirit’s power, I can win every spiritual battle I encounter.
And with the eyes of faith, I can believe there’s a way through every one of life’s trials. God has the path mapped out and will point me in the right direction when I ask.
When your way appears blocked by life’s obstacles, God can help you see the real picture.

Prayer: Father, help us see life as it really is—not as it often appears. 

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