Thursday, May 14, 2020

Life’s Uncertainty - Martin Wiles

You have always put a wall of protection around him and his home and his property. You have made him prosper in everything he does. Look how rich he is! Job 1:10 NLT

She was a vibrant individual. Now she lay almost motionless in the ICU unit.

At the last church I pastored, Gina* was one of my staunchest supporters. We loved her for her support, which she continued to give after we left. Weekly, she called my wife, and they caught up on the news.

Then came the message on Messenger from Gina’s daughter: “Mom has had a stroke and is in ICU.”
Gina had been riding in the truck with her husband. They stopped for gas. He went inside to pay. When he came back out, she couldn’t talk. He knew something was wrong. In the emergency room, doctors examined and tested her, but things went downhill rapidly. Within a few hours, she was in ICU, and within another few hours, the neurosurgeon was operating on the blood clot in her head—necessary to save her life.

Over the next few days, Gina made slow progress. They removed her from life support, but her right side was paralyzed and her speech haltering. How her life will look in the future remains to be seen. She didn’t know her future held a stroke. She merely enjoyed the day with her husband—and probably had other plans, too.

Job didn’t see what was coming either. He didn’t know about the conversation between God and Satan taking place in heaven. The one where Satan accused God of overly protecting Job—the reason Satan said Job was such a righteous person. Job didn’t know about God giving Satan permission to mess up his life. But Job did know when life came tumbling down.

Life is that way: uncertain. But if it wasn’t, how would our trust and faith in God grow? If we knew about every incident in the future, we could plan how we would face it—or avoid it. No problem there. Not knowing forces us to trust God—who does know about all future events. If we don’t believe in Him, we’re left with fate or chance. Not comforting choices. But knowing God loves and has our best interests at heart helps us live this uncertain life with peace and joy and without fear.

Don’t let the uncertainty of life ruin your life’s journey. Trust in the God who loves you and guides each event in your life.

Prayer: Father, we trust You to guide us through life’s uncertainties.

*Name changed to protect individual privacy.

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