Thursday, July 4, 2019

Out of Control - Martin Wiles

One God and Father of all, who is over all, in all, and living through all. Ephesians 4:6 NLT

Normally, two hundred dollars would be difficult—but not impossible—for my wife and me to raise. But our financial situation had changed drastically.

Before, raising two hundred dollars would have meant cutting back on eating out and going to the movies. Now, there was nothing we could cut back on because we had already cut back on everything we could.

When my car broke down and the mechanic said it would cost two hundred dollars to fix, he might as well have said two million. Life seemed to spiral out of control, and we had no means to stop it. After paying the towing bill, we waited for him to give us the final cost. In the meantime, my wife sold everything she could on Facebook.

Saturday morning, the phone rang, and the mechanic’s name appeared. We awaited the bad news, wondering how we’d get the money. Not enough time had passed or enough sales been made.

The news wasn’t what we expected. The bill was only $176. We still didn’t have that much. Then he told us an anonymous person had paid $100 on the bill. Seventy-six dollars we could handle. Things weren’t out of control after all.

Paul makes a powerful statement that comforts and encourages: There is one God who is over all. My life, your life, and everyone’s life. No detail left unnoticed. Power unheard of and unmatched.

I like the word sovereign. A big theological term but one describing God perfectly. Paul doesn’t use it, but he defines it. Nothing escapes God’s notice because He brings about or allows all that happens in the world and in people’s lives. He is the ultimate authority.

Each day, I live under God’s protection. This doesn’t mean someone won’t harm me or that a disease won’t attack my body. But if either happens, it’s because God permitted it or caused it. He won’t bring anything that conflicts with His holy nature, but He often lets sin and its consequences run their course—for now.

Yet, God loves, and His love prompts Him to care for the details of our lives and to act in our best interest. He promises to supply what we need to exist and to accomplish His purpose for our lives.

When things appear out of control, look to the One who controls everything.

Prayer: Father, we claim the promise of Your love and of Your control over our lives.

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  2. What a loving post, Happy Independence Day!