Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Clock of Life - Martin Wiles

For we are but of yesterday and know nothing, for our days on earth are a shadow. Job 8:9 ESV
Their soothing ticks calm my nerves and give a steady rhythm to my busy days.
Our home once housed numerous spring-wound clocks. At the top of each hour, chimes reverberated throughout our house. Visitors remarked, “How can you stand that?” But my wife and I loved it. 
Little did we know our collection of clocks would require maintenance—expensive maintenance which we had no money for. One by one, they stopped. Maybe the chime would cease before the time, but eventually both terminated. Finding someone to repair spring-wound clocks was difficult, and when we did we discovered their skills were expensive. Bearings aren’t cheap and neither is replacing the spring. Our fifty-dollar Seth Thomas clock suddenly needed a two hundred dollar repair job.
Presently, we only have one Gingerbread clock which proudly sits on our mantelpiece. Age creeps up on it, but it steadily provides a perfect tick tock. I know, however, one day this clock will stop too.
As age creeps up on me—and others I love—I see more how my life compares to the clocks I love. The tick-tocks become out of sync and one day they stop completely. Job knew this too. His life was filled with troubles, but one day they would end when he took his final breath.
My clocks were once new. They needed no repair and no oil, just a weekly winding. They ran steadily, never missing a beat. Life begins the same. When I was young, each day seemed like an eternity. I could run, jump, climb, and do many things I wouldn’t dare try now.
As the clocks aged, things failed. Bearings and springs needed replacing. The same happens in life. Bodies often need parts replaced or repaired. Sin deteriorates the components.
Like my clocks, my body parts—the ones keeping me alive—cease functioning. I take my final breath, my heart makes its final beat, and life is over. Clocks can be repaired, but some things on the body can’t be.
But my body is only a shell housing a permanent part: my soul. This lives on, and when I make preparation to meet my maker, I’ll spend eternity with Him—even though my body ceases to function.
Life will end, but your eternity can be bright. Make sure you’re ready to spend it with the clockmaker.

Prayer: Father, may we always remember our lives are in Your hands. Prepare us to meet You. 

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