Saturday, January 12, 2019

When Least Expected - Martin Wiles

Pharaoh sent for Joseph at once, and he was quickly brought from the prison. Genesis 41:14 NLT
They all gave from the heart—and when we least expected it.
The small country church could barely afford to a pay a pastor enough to live one, but my wife and I attempted it. When an unexpected health issue sent me to the hospital by ambulance and left us owing a sizable bill we couldn’t pay, we worried—until a couple in the church came by and handed us $500.
Months later when unpaid bills piled up again, and our anxiety level rose, a member stopped by, handed me an envelope, and said, “God told me to give this to you.” We counted out $500 once again.
After three years, we couldn’t make it any longer on my salary alone. We had to act and move into a different situation. As we sold half of our goods for money to live on, a neighbor—who wasn’t a church member—came by with another envelope. Her father—who was a member—had recently died, and she wanted us to have a little something: $1,000.
All unexpected gifts, like Joseph experienced. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery when he was seventeen years old. During the next thirteen years, he worked as a household servant, got accused of rape by his master’s wife, served time in prison, and was forgotten for two years by those he helped get out of prison. Thirteen years after Joseph was sold, Pharaoh had a dream, the one who had forgotten Joseph suddenly remembered him, and Joseph was summoned. In a matter of moments, Joseph’s life changed. When he least expected it, he was liberated and promoted to the second highest position in the land.
God often operates outside of our expectations. Normally because my expectations are too small—like my faith. I pray, but I don’t really expect Him to answer. I ask, but I don’t do so with faith. So God does more than I ask for—or sends the answer when I least expect it . . . when I’ve given up on Him.
When God works this way, He has a purpose. He wants to develop our character, stretch our faith, and hone our patience. God letting me reach the end of my rope forces me to hang onto Him or trust in something else—which will always disappoint me.
Don’t give up on God. When you least expect it, He’ll come through for you.

Prayer: Father, increase our faith so we’ll trust You regardless of our circumstances. 

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