Monday, February 4, 2019

Living Beyond the Limit - Martin Wiles

After David had done the will of God in his own generation, he died and was buried with his ancestors, and his body decayed. Acts 13:36 NLT

Speed limits, well... ., limit.

Among many other things, Mom and Dad taught me the importance of obeying the speed limit. If I broke it, I’d risk getting stopped and fined by law enforcement officials. The ticket would also cause my insurance rates to increase. I couldn’t afford either. And I’d probably lose points on my license. I’d waited too long to get them. I had no intention of losing them.

Yet, I possess the power to disobey the speed limit if I choose and suffer the consequences. With death, the story changes. I can’t cheat death. I can exercise, eat healthily, and live morally, but I cannot not die. Only Jesus’ return would prevent my death. I can, however, live beyond the limit of death, as David did. 

David was a person after God’s own heart. He made mistakes but was quick to confess and repent. And how do I know his influence lived beyond his death? Thousands of years later, I just read about his death. I can also read the many psalms he penned and continue to be influenced by his work and life example. His influence outlives him.

Not a bad goal to live beyond death’s limit. And one that pleases God when we set it. I don’t recall thinking about it when I was younger, but somewhere along life’s journey—when I reached midlife—I began thinking about what I would leave behind for others. Things that would outlast me.

God has called me to teach and write. Technology makes it easy for my influence to outlive me. I host a website and put devotions and other helpful material on it daily. I also put the same on social media platforms. My writings have appeared in numerous publications, all of which are plastered on the internet. My hope is that they point others to Christ and help them grow spiritually. One hundred years after my death, someone could Google my name and still find my work.

My influence can live long beyond my death. Find out what God wants you to do, and then do it in a way so it will last longer than your body. Do things local and worldwide. And don’t make excuses. Time is short, and God’s work is too exciting and important to put off.

Prepare now to live your life beyond death.

Prayer: Father, point us to what You want us to do that will let our influence extend beyond our lives. 

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