Saturday, March 6, 2021

Little Is Much - Martin Wiles

For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: “There will always be flour and olive oil left in your containers until the time when the Lord sends rain and the crops grow again!” 1 Kings 17:14 NLT

All I could hear was breaking glass.

Earlier that evening, I cowered in the living room of my small mobile home, wondering whether to go to bed. Winter temps had settled in, along with sleet and strong winds. My little shelter nestled in the middle of large oaks and pines. All I could think about was one of them crashing across my home and crushing me in the process.

Dismissing my fears, I went to bed, but soon enough my fears came to fruition—at least a part of them. A large pine, which stood fifty feet away, crashed through my bedroom window and finally rested one inch above my head.

Thankful to be alive, I quickly called the man in our church who had let me use his land to park my mobile home. Without hesitation, he told me to pack my duds and come stay with him and his family until the insurance company finished the repairs. For a month, I experienced my friend’s little—little that was much to me.

The prophet Elijah encountered a widow in Zarephath who was down to a handful of flour and a little cooking oil. When Elijah asked her for a bite of bread, she told him her story. She was about to prepare a final meal for her and her son. Elijah told her not to worry. If she brought him the bread, God would see that her bread and oil didn’t run out until the famine ended. Her little became much in God’s hands.

Our assets may appear small—and may be—but in God’s hands, they become much. God owns limitless resources and can take our little and multiply it exponentially. We may require a lot to do what needs doing, but God doesn’t, just as Jesus proved when He fed more than 5,000 with a boy’s five loaves of bread and two small fish.

When God requires us to exist on our little—trusting Him in the process—our faith grows and matures. We learn the practice of walking by faith, not sight. When the much results from our little, God receives the glory, which is what should happen all the time.

God can also take our little and give us opportunities to make it much in someone else’s life. Lack of faith makes us want to cling to the little we have … to not share … as the widow wanted to do. God calls us to act in faith with our little by intervening in the lives of others. He will make it go further for others than we ever imagined. 

Trust God with your little and watch Him make much of it.

Prayer: Father, we ask You to take our little and make much of it.

Tell us how God made much of little in your life. 

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