Monday, October 1, 2018

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - Martin Wiles

For the Lord grants wisdom! From his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6 NLT
To buy or not to buy, that was the question.
My financial circumstances had changed. Making my present car payment was no longer possible. Since I needed a vehicle to get to work, I couldn’t sell the present one without replacing it. Buying an older car with fewer miles was my only option.
As my wife scanned the “For Sale” items in the local newspaper, her eyes caught an ad: the same make and model we had but older with more miles. We met the owner and took the car for a spin. He told us the odometer didn’t work consistently, so we took him at his word. But during the test run, it appeared: 200K, not the 100K he had advertised. 
Decision time arrived. Would we sell our newer model we couldn’t afford to purchase an older model with high mileage and only the owner’s word that he had maintained the vehicle properly? We bought the SUV. Four years later, I’m still driving it. The odometer never appears now, and the mileage is higher, but she still runs like a charm.
Solomon knew about wisdom. He asked for it, and God answered his prayer. He was the wisest man who had ever lived. He maintains God will give the same wisdom for major and minor decisions when we ask. 
My wife and I were in a tight financial crunch. We needed a dependable car at a cheap price. So we prayed, and God opened the door. Praying before making major and minor decisions is the wisest thing to do. And remaining in a God-conscious state helps me make the numerous, almost unconscious, daily decisions I’m confronted with.
Looking for principles rather than specifics is key when making decisions. The Bible doesn’t address every issue—buying a car in particular. But it does give applicable principles for all situations. When I look hard enough, God’s Spirit reveals them.
Major decisions require patience. God doesn’t always give the answer right away. Jumping ahead of Him leads to disaster and painful consequences.
Why I’m buying is important. My motives in this case were pure. At other times, they haven’t been. And decisions reflect my character. Making the right ones is crucial. They should reflect my faith in God and my desire to please Him with my lifestyle.
Life is filled with decisions. Make sure yours honor God.

Prayer: Father, give us wisdom to make the decisions life brings our way and to do so in a way that honors You. 

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