Devotions from Psalms

Sealed Lips
When Things Get Low
Working for Whom
Holding Hands with the Greatest Lover
Never Out of Date
Find Your Place
A Clean Record
Building a Lasting House
Squeezing in the Urgent
When Suffering Is Good
Don't Fear the Bad News
God, not Google
Open Wide
Just Be Still
Depression...or Not
Facing the Dead Ends
Just Passing Through
Borrowing from Tomorrow
Good for What
Whatever I Need
Standing Corrected
Junk-Food Addict
Not in the Plans
No Record
Don't Forget
Dealing with Trouble
Held by the Anchor
Precious in Life, Precious in Death
Comfort from the Commander
Worth Trusting
Be Still
Testing the Limits
Choosing Integrity
A Best Friend
A Beautiful Home
Having It All
Telling a Good Story
Godliness over Much
As Stubborn As...
Understanding Fear
Dying from Grief
Love Over Anger
Each New Sunrise
Put to the Test
Sweeter Than Condensed Milk
Did I Forget Something?
The Source of No Disappointment
The Prison of Guilt
Singing the Light
Clearing Up the Blurries
Happy Is Okay
Walking the Wide Path
Solid as a Rock
Drawn from the Deep
Getting an Answer
Hemmed In
Staying on the Path
Pure in Speech
Hurry Up God
Preparing for the Future
Never Abandoned
Amazing Grace
God's Not Off-Limits
Enjoying Togetherness
Our Journey  
When God Delays
A Matter of Perspective
Passing Life's Tests
Shot at but Missed
Speak it Right
Thinking God's Thoughts
God of the Deep
Waking up God
Good Grief
Compassion for the Weak
Life, Death, and Hope
Taking the Right Path
Morning by Morning
Taste and See
Good-Time God
Acceptable Sacrifices
The Always-Answered Phone Line
Fear Not
Ne're a Broken Bone
Never too Close to Comfort
When Fear Takes Hold
The Need Meeter
The Shadow of Shame
Talking to God
Ditching Discouragement
A Parent’s Wish 
Scaring Away Fear
A Taste Beyond All Others
Tell the World
Praise at All Times
Honesty, the Best Policy
Conquering Impatience
The Source of Good Counsel
Justice Will Prevail
Loaning for God
The Cure for Begging
Stepping in the Right Direction
Reckless Giving
Unfading Inheritance
Reality in Reverse
Power under Control
Learning to Trust
Living with Anger
The Best Rest
Giving Control
The Searcher
Life's Best Choices
The Envy Bug
Praise . . . Regardless
Walking a Wider Path
Getting Close
God's Resume
When the Battles Come
Traveling with Firm Footing
A Proven Word
Doing Anything with God
Drinking Confusion
Light in the Darkness
A Wise Foundation
Clean Hands, Clean Heart
Deliverance from Puddles
Seeing with Faith Eyes
When God Thunders
When God Hides
Cry Out
Death Pangs
Like a Rock
Lessons from a Waiting Room
Conquering Depression
The Hiding Place
Hemmed In
A Trustworthy Guide
Accepting God's Will
God Understands
Thinking Thoughts about God
Seeking Refuge
A Mouth Full
Discerning God's Voice
Blessed by Obedience
Relaxing with a Perfect Book
Stubborn Is as Stubborn Does
Age Doesn't Matter
Happy to See You
The Steps of Life
Safe in the Shelter
On-Call God


“It’s mine; you can’t have it.” Mom, Dad, he took my…” “Johnny share with your…”

If you have kids you’ve heard it and struggled with the challenge of teaching them to share with siblings, friends and strangers. Read He's My God...

I’ve had one as long as I can remember. Usually more than one. Wants. Read Wanting It Now...

I had never witnessed a body of water raging like this one; I was drawn to it. Thompson River is the most remote of several rivers crossing from North Carolina into South Carolina and flowing into Lake Jocassee, dropping 1750 feet in just over four miles. Read Life Out Of Control...

It abruptly stopped and disappeared beneath our feet. Fortunately we had a map.

Paths are supposed to lead to a destination. This one did; the top of a mountain. Read Path Walking...

Situated within the Mojave Desert in eastern California is the lowest, driest and hottest location in North America.

On July 10, 1913, the highest reported temperature in the Western Hemisphere, 134 degrees Fahrenheit, was reported at Furnace Creek in Death Valley-a reading two degrees short of the world record. Read Walking in Valleys...

Her’s was a slow death; about ten years to be exact.

Alzheimer’s attacked my maternal grandmother long before she took her final breath, but it signaled the beginning of the end. Read Facing Death...

He woke me in the middle of the night causing my heart to beat rapidly. I’d never faced this enemy before.

My heart raced as if awakened by a bad dream. After five minutes, I woke my wife who called the ambulance. Read When Enemies Strike...

My wife knows how to “put on the dog.”

For those not familiar with the phrase, it means to make things extra special. When we have guests in our home, or when she plans a special event in the community or at church, she “puts on the dog.” Read Welcomed By God...

I haven’t been or known anyone who was. But I have seen it on television, heard about it on the news and watched it at the movies. Stalking is an age old practice of animals and humans. Read Stalked By God...

I’ve worked in places that had a wonderful one, others where it was mediocre and some where there was none at all. I’ve contributed when possible and opted out when it wasn’t. Social Security is the only retirement plan many in the United States of America have. Read God's Retirement Plan...

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