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An inspirational 365-day devotional book available from Amazon.

A journey through the New Testament book of Romans. Available from Amazon.

Feel like a hamster on an exercise wheel when it comes to money matters? Working hard but going nowhere? Have you done everything right recognized God s ownership, appreciated His gifts, and used His resources to serve others only to have your finances collapse because of someone else s decisions? If you are struggling monetarily, Grace & Grits & God: Manna from Heaven Served Up Southern Style offers personal and practical insights for how God can take our financial challenges, losses and setbacks and bring beauty from the ashes. Order your copy today. Available at Amazon. 

Church seems to be all about obeying a set of rules—rules you can’t necessarily find in the Bible but rules the church folks expect you to obey. God, on the other hand, often has a different set of rules—ones sprinkled with grace and mercy. Available at Amazon. 

A Whisper in the Woods: Quiet Escapes in a Noisy World was birthed from Martin Wiles’ numerous treks with his two children and his middle brother in mountainous areas on the eastern coast of the United States. Though these hiking and camping experiences, God taught him valuable lessons that have seen him through many difficult life experiences. Martin’s weekly devotionals found in A Whisper in the Woods take the reader out of the noise that often accompanies living in this world and into the quiet escapades of wooded areas where the voice of God is more clearly heard. As you walk with Martin through the mountain valleys and over the high summits, you too will hear God whisper words of comfort to you. Available at Amazon

What does it mean to really live?

Using Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as the blueprint, Dr. Martin Wiles answers some of the most pressing questions that Christians have about effective Christian living.
In this powerful work, Wiles shares eighteen insights for learning how to pray, handle our anger, love our enemies, overcome worry, have a healthy marriage, and so much more. Included are questions for personal reflection or group discussions. 
Don’t Just Live . . . Really Live offers a practical approach for discerning how to live out the Bible in today’s world. Available on Amazon

Life is filled with trials, which often bring deep hurt to our lives. But no matter how deep the hurt or long the trial, God's Word gives us guidelines that, when followed, can move us through the hurt and to healing. With his knack for storytelling, Wiles takes us through 52 periods of hurts, most from his own personal experience, and moves us to ways we can discover healing. At the end of each devotion are questions for reflection and a journaling section. These can be read in 52 days or enjoyed weekly for a year's worth of healing. So, if life has you down--or when it gets you down--take a journey to your healing where hope will once again rise like an imposing mountain peak. Available on AmazonAmazon