Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Interpreting the Signs - Martin Wiles

You fools! You know how to interpret the weather signs of the earth and sky, but you don’t know how to interpret the present times. Luke 12:56 NLT

If the signs weren’t right, she’d never leave the house.

My maternal grandmother was a fisherman—to be politically correct, a fisherwoman. Just a few miles from her house, the Santee River made its course. I didn’t know it when I fished with her, but I found out later she’d fished for a long time. As a young woman, she had used her money from selling fish to pay for Mom’s piano lessons.

Grandmammy and her sister-in-law dressed in their husbands’ clothes and headed for the river almost every day of the week. I can see her now—tying her cane poles to the rain gutter of her car, putting the boat motor in her trunk, making sandwiches, and getting jugs of frozen water from the freezer. But she’d never leave the house if the signs forbade her.

Before planning a trip, she’d walk onto the front porch and feel the wind against her face. She knew which direction East was, and if the wind blew from that direction she’d stay home. Or if fluffy, billowy clouds hung around, she’d also stay home. 

Thunderstorms arose quickly on the Santee River, and she had no plans to get caught in one. Her boat was small, she couldn’t swim, and she had no intention of getting swamped by rough water.

According to Jesus, His listeners were good meteorologists, but they didn’t know how to interpret spiritual signs. He would soon leave them—but He would return. They needed to know the signs of His coming so they could get ready.

Grandmammy didn’t sit around the house just because she couldn’t go fishing. And I shouldn’t sit around and do nothing as I wait on the Lord to return. Jesus said the fields were white for harvest. Spiritual work abounds as I await His coming.

I can’t determine the day of Christ’s coming—Jesus Himself didn’t even know that—but I can recognize the signs. According to Jesus, the days before His return will parrot Noah’s day when everyone did their own thing and wasn’t concerned about spiritual matters. Research reveals this is the overall mindset of people now: little interest in godly living, but much interest in selfish pursuits.

Grandmammy was always ready to go fishing whether she went or not. Get ready to meet the Lord at His return—and help others get ready too.

Prayer: Father, motivate us to ready ourselves for Your coming and to help others prepare as well. 

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