Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tied up in Knots - Martin Wiles

At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves. Genesis 3:7 NLT

When I tugged on the rope, one big knot evolved.

One of my least favorite things about camping is breaking camp. Things tend to get thrown together, not neatly packed away as they are when I prepare for a camping trip.

On our last camping trip, I’d repeated my pattern. Especially with the rope, bungee cords, clips, and other tying paraphernalia. I thought, What better place to put them than in a banana box I kept in the back of my car.

And they were, but I had a problem. When I pulled one end of the rope, I got one large knot. Same thing with the bungee cords. Intertwined hooks greeted me. Untangling the rope and cords to put up the tarp, a privacy shield, and a clothesline took longer than it should have because of my knotty mess.

Adam and Eve found themselves in a knotty situation as well. God created them and placed them in a beautiful garden with everything they could possibly need. He gave only one stipulation: Don’t eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. With this one command, God tested their obedience. They failed the test and found themselves in a knot which they tried to undo with fig leaves.

When in a knotty situation, knowing the cause helps. For me, carelessness when packing the tying material caused my problem. For Adam and Eve, a desire to be on an equal level with God knotted them. They thought they could handle life just fine on their own.

If I know the cause, I’m likely not to repeat the mistake. When I packed the rope and tying material the next time, I did a better job. Adam and Eve also learned their lesson when God kicked them out of the garden.

The Bible contains the solutions for our knotty situations. For every knotty situation I encounter, the Bible has a guiding principle. The exact circumstance I face may not be addressed, but the principle is there.

And God can fix any knotty situation I face. He is an all-wise God who knows what I’m facing and can give me the solution. He gave me the common sense to fix my knotty situation, and He did Adam and Eve as well. For them, confession of their sin was the answer.

When you face your knotty situation, go to God. He can untangle whatever mess you are in.

Prayer: Father, when knotty situations arise in our lives, show us how to untangle them according to Your will.

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