Saturday, January 8, 2022

Fishing for God - Martin Wiles

Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” Matthew 4:19 NLT

As I looked at their setup, I marveled.

One of our stops when my wife and I last visited Georgia was the Pavilion and pier on Tybee Island. After walking through the Pavilion, we made our way along a pier that extended into the ocean.

As we exited our vehicle to begin our journey, a couple beside us got out of their truck. But not with just themselves as we did. They had a cart on which they loaded all manner of fishing equipment. Walking along the pier, I saw many others like them, and when we got to the end of their pier their numbers increased.

Fishermen and fisherwomen of all ages and appearances—but with one thing in common. They all had the proper gear to fish for what a person catches in the ocean. The carts helped them easily get their gear to their destination. Their fishing rods weren’t the ordinary variety I’ve used to fish in lakes and ponds. Their circumference was greater, and their length longer. Huge ice chests sat around, filled with drinks, food, and live bait—some bait almost as big as the fish I once kept to eat. But these folks weren’t fishing for just ordinary fish. They sought the large fish found in the ocean. Some even caught small sharks.

When Jesus called His disciples, He promised to make them fishers of people. And for a reason.

Fishing for people requires preparation and a mindset. We must believe we need to fish for people. The reason they need to be caught is that they are swimming the wrong way. All of us are born with a sinful nature that separates us from God. Unless we accept the forgiveness for our sins that Jesus purchased on the cross, our eternal destiny will be a place we won’t enjoy, and our present life before getting there will be less than God intends.

Fishing also takes effort and trust. The folks on the pier went to great lengths to take their gear to the pier and to prepare for their fishing adventure. They also trusted that they had the correct bait. If the right fish came along and saw it, they would bite.

Although God goes before our people-fishing adventures through the presence of His Spirit, we must go—in whatever ways God directs—trusting that he will put those in our path whom he wants us to influence, talk with, hang out with, or become friends with. God wants us to fish, and He’ll provide everything we need to do the job right.

Why not get your things together and go fishing in God’s name?

Prayer: Father, send us on the fishing adventures so we can catch those You want us to catch. 

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