Monday, April 20, 2020

Never Forgotten - Martin Wiles

Yet Jerusalem says, “The Lord has deserted us; the Lord has forgotten us.” Isaiah 49:14 NLT
How am I supposed to get my message across when others keep forgetting?
In an article entitled, “Brain Science: The Forgetting Curve–the Dirty Secret of Corporate Training,” Art Kohn shares startling statistics about forgetting. Within one hour, people forget half of what we share with them. Within twenty-four hours, they forget seventy percent, and within a week, they have forgotten ninety percent. Not fun facts when we normally want people to remember what we tell them—especially if it’s important.

While later in life forgetting may result from Alzheimer’s or dementia, forgetting during the normal brain functioning period of our lives is … well … normal. Our brains are busy with thousands of sensory inputs during any given day. The brain also has to keep out some sensory input lest it go into overload. Suppressing some information lets us focus on the more important information. The bottom line: our brains need to forget some things so we can zero in on the most important things. (

Israel often felt forgotten by God. Such as when they spent 400 years enslaved to foreigners in Egypt. And then later, another seventy serving the Babylonians. Although they felt as if God had left them—after all, it was their fault because they disobeyed Him—God never had. In his good time, He rescued them and took them back to their Promised Land.

I’m sure glad my brain weeds out some of the unimportant things. I’ve never forgotten God—or my love and obligations to Him—but I have experienced times when I felt as if He had forgotten me. When tough times came and I wondered why He didn’t intervene. When it seemed as if I could barely keep my head above water, but He didn’t reach down and rescue me. Or at least, not quickly enough.

Feelings and reality are different. While I may pass through periods when I feel as if God has forgotten me, He never does. That’s reality. Unconfessed sin can make me experience those feelings—and so can Satan. I have to determine which so I can take the appropriate action.

If you are God’s child, He never forgets you in life and won’t in eternity. Just as He did with Israel, in His good time, He will lead you out of your desert feelings and bring you into your Promised Land.

Remember God never forgets His children.

Prayer: Father, we rejoice in the fact that You never forget us. 

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