Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Proud Parent - Martin Wiles

Everything was created through him and for him. Colossians 1:16 NLT

I once pulled out my wallet to show how proud I was. Not anymore.

I still have one of the favorite pictures of my daughter stuck in my wallet, but I don’t show it to anyone anymore. Now my proud pictures of my daughter, son, wife, and grandchildren are on my smartphone. When I want to brag a little, I whip out my phone and tap on the photos. My wife and I recently had to upgrade our iPhones so we’d have enough space for pictures.

Although the way I show off the pictures of my family has changed, my proudness hasn’t. My two children at times have not acted as I wanted them too—sometimes departing from the godly paths their mother and I taught them to walk. Even though they’re now adults with families of their own, they sometimes fail to perform up to my expectations. My grandboys, though still young, don’t either. We teach them such things as not to talk back to adults, to tell the truth, to be kind, to share, and to love everyone. But occasionally they fail to obey our teachings or follow our example.

Even though I’m not always proud of my children and grandchildren’s actions, I’m proud of them. They’re my flesh and blood, and I will love them regardless of what they do. Paul says the same about God. Everything, including humans … especially humans, was created by Him and for His glory.

God is holy and created His children to be also. When we fail to be through our actions, words, or attitudes, we disappoint God, but He remains proud that we are His children. Just as children want to please their parents—no matter how old the child is—so we should want to make God proud of us. God created us in His image, and we should reflect that to others.

When we show Christ-like behavior in our actions and attitudes, when we shine the light of Christ to others, and when we help others be the people God desires, we make God proud.

My parents weren’t always proud of my behavior—or some decisions I made—but they were proud I belonged to them. I never heard them say, “You are no longer my son.” God, too, forgives when we fail.

Make up your mind to let your lifestyle make God proud.

Prayer: Father, we want to make You proud. Give us strength to live in such a way that we would.

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