Monday, November 19, 2018

Share My Toys? - Martin Wiles

Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days. Ecclesiastes 11:2 NKJV
“Some kids don’t have as much as you do.”
I was the first-born grandchild, and as such was spoiled by my parents and paternal grandparents. Whatever I wanted—within reason—I got. And some things I didn’t’ even know I needed. Like the large metal Tonka toys. 
Mom and Dad both had Type A personalities. Mom hated clutter. So, if I accumulated too many toys, she thought of a way to remove some without me noticing. Trouble was, I noticed anything she moved. A trait that still haunts me and drives my wife crazy.
Mom’s right smart, so she concocted a way to get rid of some of my toys and teach me a lesson at the same time. Knowing I had a tender heart—and wanting to capitalize on that quality—she told me about children who didn’t have as much as I did. They would be so happy if I shared some of my toys with them. And of course, I did.
Wise King Solomon knew the merits of sharing also. His instructions were to cast bread upon the water or as another translation says, “send your grain across the sea.” Profits would come back. Perhaps in greater monetary quantities, but if not, in the satisfaction of knowing one had shared.
Sharing doesn’t come naturally. Children must be taught to share. They’d rather clutch and hold tightly to what they have. I did—and so did my children. While some children are more prone to share than others, parents and teachers still must teach them to open their hands and let go.
When I share, it helps me develop a correct perspective on life. I don’t own anything. Everything I have comes from God, and I can only keep it because He allows me to. Sharing helps develop my heart. God wants it to be tender toward others and their needs. He wants me to realize—as Jesus demonstrated—that life is about others and their needs.
My sharing with others pleases God, and when I cast my bread upon the waters it will return to me in greater measure than I sent it. Perhaps not in more goods or money, but in a greater pleasure that I have done the right thing and learned what life is truly about. And my faith will grow in the process.
Don’t hold onto your bread. Cast it upon the waters.

Prayer: Father, teach us to open our hands to others so Your blessings can flow to them. 

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