Saturday, April 11, 2020

My Source of Strength - Martin Wiles

Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength. Isaiah 30:15 NLT

In spite of my best … and sometimes worse … efforts, my body is changing.

As we age, things tend to go south. My chest has, and now I have a belly, a part of which should be a foot north of where it has settled. This had caused a bulge, which makes it appear that I have gained weight—although I haven’t. Evidently, something else has gone south, too, because my feet are a size larger than they once were. And then there’s the turkey neck, as my grandfather called it. The skin under my neck has loosened and shakes.

These things have happened even though I exercise regularly and eat right. Well, at least most of the time. I limit fried foods, snacks, and desserts and eat my veggies when my wife cooks them (except broccoli).

All things considered, I live a relatively healthy lifestyle, but my strength has weakened as I’ve aged. I can’t do everything I once did, and even those things I can still do I do at a slower pace. Corrosion happens.

God, however, never intended for me to find my true strength through the muscles in my body. Isaiah told his listeners where their real strength lay. Nothing has changed.

Strength comes by turning … or returning … to God. Repenting of my sins initially and then confessing them daily keeps me strong in the Lord. The practice of confession keeps the lines of communication open between me and God. Sin statics up things.

Resting in God strengthens my body and spirit. God created the Sabbath for people. We need rest from our work. But we also rest in the knowledge that God controls our circumstances and will work them for our and His good.

Quiet is also important for spiritual muscle. Something difficult to find in our noisy world. But it still exists if we look hard enough. A place away from manmade noise—and not by putting a set of earbuds in my ears and connecting to a device.

Finally, confidence builds energy. Confidence that God is God, and we are not. Confidence that He loves and works in our best interest. Confidence that nothing can come against us that He doesn’t allow and control.  

True strength is still available. Make sure you look in the right place to discover it.

Prayer: Father, guide us along the path where the kind of strength is found that will take us through the difficulties of life.

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