Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Envying the Heights - Martin Wiles

After sending them home, he went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night fell while he was there alone. Matthew 14:23 NLT
“Dad, can you watch the boys for a week?”
Although I said yes to my daughter’s request, the envy immediately reared its head when she told me why. A work cohort had invited her to fly to Colorado to hike one of the “fourteeners.”
“If you have the chance to go, go,” I said. “But you won’t want to come back.”
After reaching the top, she and her friend held up a sign naming the mountain, Mt. Evans, and the height. Envy crept over me again when she sent a plethora of pictures showing me the views and the trail. I saw that she could see miles into the distance from her height. Though it was nothing but rocks and snow-capped peaks—no trees or shrubbery as our mountains in the East have—there was nothing but beauty.
My wife and I had visited Colorado twice but had never had the opportunity to hike in the mountains. I’m not sure I have the physical fortitude anymore, even if I had the chance. The envy and desire, however, remain, though the financial means to get there and do it escapes me.
Something about mountains has always attracted me. From examples in the Old and New Testaments, it appears mountains and God have some special attraction. Loving mountains puts me in good company. More stories about them exist than about the beach. Moses climbed a mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. Abraham scaled one to sacrifice his son of promise—the one millions of descendants were supposed to arrive through. And after feeding the five thousand plus, Jesus traversed one to pray.
Mountains represent the spiritual heights we can reach with God. And physical fortitude and finances have nothing to do with my being able to attain those high places. God only requires mental desire and faith. When I seek His kingdom first—godly things—He will usher me to spiritual heights I’ve never walked before. I’ll view things in a different light. On the heights, peace will reign in my life despite my circumstances. And I’ll feel His presence in a way I don’t when I choose to settle for less than the peaks.
Ask God to take you to the spiritual heights so you too can experience the life He envisions for you. Don’t settle when you can scale the heights.

Prayer: Father, take us to the spiritual high places where we can dwell with You in abundant living. 

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