Monday, February 1, 2021

Until the End - Martin Wiles

But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:13 NLT

“What are we doing this for?”

The student’s question shocked me—but not completely. I had heard it before, phrased in different ways. Expecting it would come, I had an answer prepared.

“The instruction from the top is to teach to the end.” I paused here and asked, “Does everyone know who the top is?” Heads nodded up and down. No one said a word. They knew the top was the headmaster.

I continued. “Now, if anyone has a problem with the directive, you are free to make an appointment with the top and express your views.” Silence. And, of course, no one made an appointment. They never do—and never have.

Some students think the last week of school should consist of nothing but parties, food, movies, recess, and other forms of free time. This doesn’t happen at our school. Parents pay for their students to get a good education, and we make sure they get it until the very end.

Stopping before the end—as tempting as it is because we teachers are just as tired as the students—puts us in the company of a runner who is winning a race but who decides to stop a few feet short of the finish line. He is not declared the winner until he crosses the finish line.

Jesus issued a similar order—one that came from His heavenly Father: persevere to the end. He has given us a monumental task: take the message of His love, through actions and words, to the entire world. While many more have heard the gospel now than in the past, due in part to technological advances, some still have not heard and had the chance to respond.

Living obediently to God’s commands and serving in capacities He opens for us also comprise the going until the end. Stopping short affects us and God’s work. We won’t lose our salvation—Jesus said no one could snatch His people for His hand—but we might just lose the rewards He desires to give us, both heavenly and earthly.

We owe God our best because He gave us His best when He allowed His Son to pay our sin debt on Calvary’s cross. Our love for Him and work for Him demonstrate our appreciation. They also remind us that what we do in life should be about Him, not us.

Make up your mind to give God your absolute best—until the end.

Prayer: Father, give us the courage to keep going until the very end.

Tell us how you live with eternity in mind. 

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