Saturday, August 22, 2020

Seeing at Dusk - Martin Wiles

We do not know what to do, but we are looking to you for help. 2 Chronicles 20:12b NLT
When the lights go down, the blurries go up.
As I have aged, my already less-than-perfect eyes have gotten worse. Battling near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and potential glaucoma at the same time is no fun. And it’s especially painful if I’m driving at dusk. The lights from other cars fuzz up and run together. Their intensity seems to magnify, making it difficult for me to tell how many cars it is as well as how far away they are. When possible, I avoid driving at dusk, letting my wife drive instead.
What I know well while driving during the daylight hours, I don’t know so well if I drive during dusk or at night.
Kind Jehoshaphat didn’t know some things either—he couldn’t see well—and it worried him. A vast army from the area of Edom marched against him. The news terrified him so much so that he fasted and ordered the people to also. He prayed and sought guidance from God, while acknowledging he couldn’t see what was about to happen.
Unlike a few people I’ve met along life’s journey, I willingly admit I don’t know it all. I tell my students this, but at the same time offer to find out what I don’t know. Thinking I know it all—even when deep inside I know I don’t—only leads to pride and displays that same trait to others. This turns off relationships.
Nor would I want to know it all. I’d be frightened by what’s ahead. I’d worry and fear. Anxiety would consume me. I’d probably make plans to face whatever was coming.
Fortunately, I know the One who does know it all. He won’t tell me, but He will give me the faith to trust Him, as Jehoshaphat did. Through ignorance of the future, my faith and trust in God grow. I learn to walk by faith, not sight. As I trust God to guide me when I’m driving at dusk, so I trust Him to lead me through life. And He won’t disappoint me.
When you can’t see what’s ahead—or don’t know what to do when you do see it—trust the all-wise God.
Prayer: Father, we admit our weaknesses and turn to You for guidance.

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