Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Confess Don’t Bury - Martin Wiles

When you become aware of your guilt in any of these ways, you must confess your sin. Leviticus 5:5 NLT

She can’t help it. Burying is in his nature.

Our small Chihuahua-terrier mix is a house dog, but she still wants to do what an outside dog does with a bone. We occasionally buy her bones she can chew on for a while and that will clean her teeth. Each time I give her one, she stands in the middle of the floor and whines. Without asking, I know what she wants: “Let me outside so I can bury my bone. Don’t you know that’s what dogs do?”

When I don’t acknowledge her request, she resorts to other measures. She hides the bone inside. Perhaps between the couch cushions or under the blankets in her kennel. Maybe behind a piece of furniture. Someplace where I can’t see it, but where she knows. Days later, she may suddenly appear with the bone in her mouth. They last her a long time—but only because she hides them.

Burying is also typical human behavior. God’s people in the Old Testament did it. I’ve done it. And many other people have to. We don’t generally air our dirty laundry, especially if it’s something that happened long ago or something that might keep us from getting a job, getting a promotion, entering a relationship, or … getting closer to God.

The trouble with burying sin—in whatever form it takes—is that it messes up life. If I bury unforgiveness, anger, selfishness, guilt, or sexual immorality, they have a way of uncovering themselves in ugly psychological, social, or emotional episodes. Not only do they mess up my life, but they also mess up my relationship with others … and especially God.

Confession means to have the same mind as. So whatever God thinks about particular sins or decisions, I should think the same thing. When I confess, it shows I recognize my need for help—and from Someone who has the power to assist. I’m not perfect. I need a Savior. Everyone does.

And when I confess daily, it keeps the lines of communication open between me and God, which is important for healthy living. Confession keeps things above board while burying keeps them … well … buried.

Don’t take on animal behavior by burying what needs to come out in the open. God knows anyway. Let Him know you know by daily confessing your sins and failures to Him.

Prayer: Father, we confess that we often fail You, but we thank You that Your forgiveness is always available.

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