Favorite Series

Famous Quotes
What Can You Do?
I Like Dreaming
What Sin Will Do

Nature Lesson About God
God Exists
The Changeless Among Change
God Loves
God Loves Variety
God Cares
God Commands Our Worship

Unforgettable Lesson Learned from Dad
Keep a Good Record
Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow

Love Unchained
Love Unlocked
When Love Is Repulsed
Love Unleashed
Love Forgives
Love: the Greatest Charge
Love Knows No Separation
Love Works Everything Out

The Truth About Trials
Bring on the Rain
When Trials Turn Deadly
Trials and Trust
Don't Fear the Trials
God Shows Off
When the Air Goes Out
Here We Go...Again
Refined Through the Fire
Peace Through the Fire
Beauty from the Pain
Identity Check

Solace from the Psalms
The Perfect Guide
Longing, but for What?
Calling, but on Whom?
When Trouble Comes
Celebrating God's Goodness
Thanking God ... Regardless
Made by God
Sin List
Trusting God with the Future
Trusting God in the Desert
One Stitch at a Time
When God Shows Up
Purged by God
Lifelong Productivity
What's Mine
Walking in Shadows
In the Midst of Anxiety
The Subtle Thief
Distracted by Distractions
When Life Gets Crowded
The Hundred-Dollar Book
When God Says No
Discover Your Child
Overcoming Fear
Enduring Love
Image Bearers
God in the Darkness
Angels All Around
Holding God's Hand
Life on the Other Side
A Controlled Burn

The Road to Humility
Forgiving When It's Difficult
Don't Expect Service
Take the Back Seat
Remaining Quiet
Confession: Good for the Soul
Tell Your Story
The Power of Words
Befriending the Lonely
Grappling with Authority
Confronting Enemy Behavior

The Things We Say (But Shouldn't)

Fear the Lord

More Than I Can Handle

I Know How You Feel

Defining Marriage
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Word That Lasts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

What's in a Word?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Anger: 12 Things You Should Know
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Devotions from Hebrews
An Eternal Inheritance
Take a Seat
Greater Than...
Dangerous Drifting
Use the Escape Route
In and Out of Control
Leaders Lead
It's a Family Thing
Scared to Death of Death
Just Like Me
How Not to Encourage
Need Rest
Cut by the Word
Playing Hide n Seek with God
Clinging to the Priest
Grow Up
Back to the Basics
Gone Too Far
The Gift of Pick-Me-Up
Keep on Loving
Never Forgotten
Keeping Promises
Waiting Patiently
No Laziness Allowed
God Can't Lie
Follow the Leader
Gifts from the Heart
A Different Priest
Opt for the Better Hope
Saved Completely
Choosing the Better Way
When God Writes
Walking into the Holy
Cleansing the Conscience
The Homecoming
Living Without Guilt
When God Forgets
Doing God's Will
God's Invitation to Dine
Encouragement's Magic
Let's Get Together
Intentional Rejection
Clinging to Confidence
Faith for the Future
Using the Sixth Sense
Giving a Better Sacrifice
Pleasing God
Longing for a Better Place
Seeing Beyond the Present
Sin's Temporary Pleasure
Bringing down the Walls
Better Things Ahead
Let the Weights Fall
Loving God's Discipline
Walk Straight for the Crooked
Living in Peace
Removing the Bitter Roots
At the End of the Journey
Living with a Thankful Spirit
Entertaining Angels
Keeping the Commitment
Living with Contentment
Remember Your Leaders
Consistency Amidst Inconsistency
Fatal Attraction
A Cleansed Conscience
Equipped for Service
Tangled Up and Torn Down

Hey God...I Have a Question
Is Jesus Really the Only Way to God?
Are All Religions Equal?
Was Jesus God or Just a Man?
If God's So Good, Why Is There Evil?
If God Can Prevent Tragedies, Why Doesn't He?
Is God Involved in World Affairs?
Does God Have a Purpose for Everyone?
Is the Devil Real?
What Was It Like to Watch Your Son Die?
What Is the Cure for Every Sickness?
How Did the Beginning of Time Happen?
What Is Your Plan for My Life?
Can I Trust the Bible?
Is My Faith Only a Crutch?
Where Did God Come From?
Why Doesn't God Stop Sin? 
Do People Who've Never Heard about God Go to Heaven?
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Grave?
Is It Fair for God to Forgive Anyone?
If I Died Today, Would I Go to Heaven?
Is It Possible to Love Everyone?
Is It Fair for God to Punish Eternally in Hell?
If God Didn't Create Sin, Where Did It Come From?
What Does God Look Like?
Can I Disappoint God? 
Is Suicide an Unpardonable Sin?
When Is Jesus Coming Back?
Why Do Tragedies Happen?
Is God Real?
How Can I Know Christianity Is the Only True Religion?
Am I on the Right Track?
How Can God Hear Everyone's Prayer at the Same Time?
When Do We Go to Heaven?
Why Did God Make Us Weak?
Will We Know People in Heaven?
Why Is It So Difficult to Live the Christian Life?
Why Is the Bible So Difficult to Understand?
Why Are There So Many Denomination?
Why Do Christians Interpret the Bible Differently?
Why Do Some Wait So Long to Answer God?
Do Animals Go to Heaven?
Why Did Jesus Die?
Is There a Purpose for My Trials?
Why Have You Led Me Where I Am?
Why Does God Seem Silent?
Why Are There Inequalities Among People?
Can I Be a Christian and Still Have Fun?
What if There's Nothing after I Die?
Does God Really Need Me?
Why Do Many Professing Christians Not Live for Christ?
Can I Know the Truth?

Practical Advice for Living (Book of James)
Joy Through Sorrow
Discovering Life's Answers
Whose Responsibility Is It?
Dressed for Success
The Art of Listening
Forgetting the Face in the Mirror
Bridling the Tongue
Religion Defined
Playing Favorites
How Many Sins Make Me Guilty
The Art of Good Listening
Confronting Guilt
Unproven Faith
Empty Words
Judging Faith
From the Head to the Heart
The Challenge of Ultimate Obedience
The Teacher's Challenge
Tongue Out of Control
Taming the Tongue
Wise But in Whose Eyes?
The War Within
The Green-Eyed Monster
Why Not Ask?
Choose Your Friends Wisely
Devil on the Run
Sorry; The Hardest Word
Talk Really Isn't Cheap
I Planned This...or Not
When All We Have Is All We Have
Healing Hands
The Waiting Game
Don't Complain; Trust
Suffering Patiently
A Simple Yes Will Do
When Suffering Comes
Confession...God for the Soul
Prayer's Power
Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Why Worship God
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Living a Life of Excellence
Growing Into Christ
Controlling Self-Control
Patience Please
Jesus Freaks
Excellent Productivity
Loving in Spite of...

Living the Good Life
Control or Controlled
Devoted to God
Conduct Matters
Sharing the Story

Learning to Do Good
Mastering the Road Map
Convictions Count
You Are What You Think
Different is Okay

Living With a Clear Conscience
Fessed Up
I Forgive
Putting First Things First
Disciplined to Discipline
Giving That Hurts
Serving With Sincerety

Passing the Ethics Test
Speaking the Truth
Doing What's Right
Watching the Tongue
The Power of Influence
Keeping Your Word
Fair and Square

The Side Effects of Suffering
The Search for Understanding
Comforting Others
Teachable Spirits
Identifying with Christ
Sensitized to Suffering

Good Advice
Honoring Our Leaders
Work for Peace
Sloppy Christians
The Power of Encouragement
Be Patient
Revenge's Dead End
The Root of Joy
Persevering in Prayer
Thankful Always
Don't Stifle God's Power
Avoiding Evil

The Power of Praise
Praising God Continuously
Where the Confidence Lies
Praising God's Power
The Need Meeter
Praising God for Salvation
Praising God for All Things
Comfort Through Praise
An Attitude of Gratitude

Training for Excellence
Do the Time
Dedicated to the Goal
Practice Gets You Closer
The Power of Vision
Fixed and Dilated

Conquering the Past
Conquering Guilt
Conquering Guilt Part II
Forgiven and Free
Focusing Forward
Living Above Insecurity
Unpayable Debt

Passing the Ethics Test
Doing What's Right

Overcoming A Complaining Spirit
Praying Through Problems
Struggling With Priorities
Trusting God's Promises
Learning Contentment
Taking Responsibility

Principles Worth Pursuing
Loving God Supremely
Discovering God's Truth
Worshiping God With Devotion
Using Our Gifts 
Honoring God With Our Finances
Living For The Future

Worthy Commitments
Living With Integrity
Be Pure
Dressed In Humility
Staying Away From Temptation
Choosing Company Carefully
Making It A Habit To Tell

Conquering Depression
Consulting The Right Sources
Admitting Our Helplessness
Disobedience's Dead End
Prayer's Healing Power
Trust And Believe
Trusting Through Hurts

Living Life to the Fullest
Living Without Fear
Living Without Anxiety
Live With Trust
Live With Confidence
Depend On God's Strength
Trust God For Your Needs
Depending On God's Presence
Spiritual Better Than Physical
Expect Something Better

“It’s mine; you can’t have it.” Mom, Dad, he took my…” “Johnny share with your…”

If you have kids you’ve heard it and struggled with the challenge of teaching them to share with siblings, friends and strangers. Read He's My God...

I’ve had one as long as I can remember. Usually more than one. Wants. Read Wanting It Now...

I had never witnessed a body of water raging like this one; I was drawn to it. Thompson River is the most remote of several rivers crossing from North Carolina into South Carolina and flowing into Lake Jocassee, dropping 1750 feet in just over four miles. Read Life Out Of Control...

It abruptly stopped and disappeared beneath our feet. Fortunately we had a map.

Paths are supposed to lead to a destination. This one did; the top of a mountain. Read Path Walking...

Situated within the Mojave Desert in eastern California is the lowest, driest and hottest location in North America.

On July 10, 1913, the highest reported temperature in the Western Hemisphere, 134 degrees Fahrenheit, was reported at Furnace Creek in Death Valley-a reading two degrees short of the world record. Read Walking in Valleys...

Her’s was a slow death; about ten years to be exact.

Alzheimer’s attacked my maternal grandmother long before she took her final breath, but it signaled the beginning of the end. Read Facing Death...

He woke me in the middle of the night causing my heart to beat rapidly. I’d never faced this enemy before.

My heart raced as if awakened by a bad dream. After five minutes, I woke my wife who called the ambulance. Read When Enemies Strike...

My wife knows how to “put on the dog.”

For those not familiar with the phrase, it means to make things extra special. When we have guests in our home, or when she plans a special event in the community or at church, she “puts on the dog.” Read Welcomed By God...

I haven’t been or known anyone who was. But I have seen it on television, heard about it on the news and watched it at the movies. Stalking is an age old practice of animals and humans. Read Stalked By God...

I’ve worked in places that had a wonderful one, others where it was mediocre and some where there was none at all. I’ve contributed when possible and opted out when it wasn’t. Social Security is the only retirement plan many in the United States of America have. Read God's Retirement Plan...


The 1960’s and 1970’s were challenging years, but it was when I came of age and began searching for a wife. Amidst the sexual revolution, drugs and loose morals, I looked for one who hadn’t fallen prey to the times and who matched the Bible’s teaching about honorable wives. Read 5 Things Men Should Find Attractive...

The saying is trite but true nevertheless: “Anyone can be a daddy, but it takes a special person to be a father.” Fathers in the home are in short supply. Read 5 Things A Father Brings...

My wife and I were eating with another couple when a tale of church “drama” arose. After hearing the story and the blown-out-of-proportion reactions, the other woman’s husband remarked; “Women are crazy. A man would have…” Read Five Things About The Male Mind...

My middle brother’s was a Pekinese looking stuffed dog, and he carried it everywhere. Security blankets are common for children but may not be literal. Read 5 Male Insecurities...

“The buck stops here-”a saying that derives from “pass the buck,” which means transferring responsibility to someone else. Read 5 Things Women Do That Damage A Husband's Spiritual Leadership...

Pressured To Walk Away
Pressured As An Example
Pressured To Share
Pressured To Shine
Pressued To Lean
Pressured To Expose
Pressured To Comfort
Pressure By The Inch
Formed By Pressure

Dealing With Difficult Decisions Part 5
Dealing With Difficult Decisions Part 4
Dealing With Difficult Decisions Part 3
Dealing With Difficult Decisions Part 2
Dealing With Difficult Decisions Part I

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