Friday, December 9, 2022

Out of Date - Martin Wiles

out of date
God, your name is eternal, God, you’ll never be out-of-date. Psalm 135:13 MSG

After one sip, I knew something was out of date.

Before I became lactose intolerant, I loved a good cold glass of milk in the morning with my breakfast. Sometimes, I would drink another glass at night before going to bed, especially if I’d eaten something for supper that didn’t agree with my stomach.

But on one morning, I knew something wasn’t right. After the first sip, I smacked my lips, trying to figure out what I tasted. Usually, I look at the date before pouring my glass of milk. Then again, I typically consume a gallon of milk long before the date expires. Tasting that something was wrong, I returned to the refrigerator and checked the date—two days out of date. I took a whiff. It smelled as if it were a week old. I poured my glass of milk down the drain, as well as what was left in the container. Reluctantly, I chose something else to drink with my breakfast.

Life is filled with out-of-date things, milk being one of them. Fresh meat has a good use date, and so does cereal. Some items last longer than others, but eventually, they all go bad. The same happens with non-food items, such as my computer. Goodness knows, how many I’ve had since I bought my first one. Hard drives fill, updates from manufacturers consume space, new technology kills RAM, and the workings of the computer gradually grind to a halt, necessitating the purchase of a new one.

The psalmist says something different about God: He never goes out of date. Instead, He is eternal.

In a world where things spoil and deteriorate, having a God that surpasses those categories makes for a nice life. His moral commands and principles remain true, even though thousands of years have passed since He issued them. 

What God said comprised truth in the beginning and still constitutes truth now—and will until the end of time. We can hang our hats on what God says, knowing it is absolute and never changing.

Others may call our beliefs old-fashioned, but in this case, old-fashioned is good. We have the privilege of telling others we have the final word. After all, this is what people are searching for.

Take a minute to thank God that He is never out of date.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for never being out of date. 

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