Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fear Not - Martin Wiles

I lay down and slept, yet I woke up in safety, for the Lord was watching over me. Psalm 3:5 NLT
Peace ruled her days; fear governed her nights.
While my grandfather was alive, my grandmother wasn’t afraid. He was a hunter and owned a few weapons. Perhaps that was the reason. Or maybe it was just because he was a man, and she felt more secure with a man in her room at night to protect her from danger.
After my grandfather died, my grandmother’s nights changed. She lived in an old farmhouse where every room was connected to the other with a series of doors. Her bedroom had three. Though she locked all the outside doors, she still felt insecure. So she propped a chair underneath the doorknob of one of her bedroom doors and put latches on the other two. And that is how she slept—or didn’t, every night of her life as long as she stayed in that house. Yet, I doubt she slept in peace as she had when my grandfather was alive. Locks and barricades on the outside couldn’t keep away the fear on her inside.
The psalmist faced dangers as well, but he slept in peace. He was confident the Lord was watching over him.
I don’t always sleep in peace, but it’s not because I’m lying there afraid someone is going to break into my house and harm me. Fear can be crippling.
For believers, God is our shield. Better yet, He is like a wall of shields surrounding us. Regardless of what direction the attack from others, things, or circumstances comes, we are protected. There is nothing wrong with protecting ourselves. Doing so doesn’t necessarily reflect doubt that God is protecting us. I have weapons within my reach in my bedroom, but I still rely on God’s protection.
My sense of safety is found in my faith, not security measures. Faith is what initially connected me to a protecting God, and it is what keeps me relying on Him to protect me until I take my final breath. Though barricaded in her room, my grandmother was still afraid.
As Jesus said, others may kill my body—and God may allow this to happen—but they cannot kill my soul. That part of me will live on and is protected by God’s shield. And when I’m absent from this body—by whatever means—I’ll be at home with the Lord.
Don’t let fear cripple you. Trust in God’s protection.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for being a shield of protection about us. 

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