Thursday, July 23, 2020

Never Out of Date - Martin Wiles

God, your name is eternal, God, you’ll never be out-of-date. Psalm 135:13 MSG
Twice a year, I find myself rummaging through bottles, creams, and boxes, looking for a date.
My doctor says medicines and medical creams never go out of date. So why do pharmaceutical companies put dates on them? Perhaps as a money-making endeavor so we’ll buy more of that medicine whether we need it or not? I, for one, don’t like to use medicine—or eat food—that’s out of date. If it’s food, I look for mold or feel for freshness. With medicine, I wonder whether taking it is going to do what it originally was supposed to do. So, if it’s only out of date by a few months, I keep it and take it or use it if I need it. If the date range exceeds that, I toss it in the trash can.
The psalmist says God’s name never goes out of date. It is eternal. He has existed before anything, He brought everything into existence, and He will be around when time ceases and there’s nothing left but eternity. He never goes out of date.
Nor do the commands he left. While many of the commands and regulations of the Old Testament were dietary rules in a time when medicine had not advanced to its present form—and while many of the commanded practices concerned only the worship practices of the Jews at a time before Christ—the moral principles God gave never go out of date. Lying broke God’s command in the beginning, and it still does. So does hate, murder, lust, and all of the other commands. Especially the one that says we should worship no other gods except the one true God.
God’s commands may not be politically correct for some, but they are still applicable. Obeying them demonstrates our love for God and leads to the most fulfilling life we could ever want. Jesus says if we love Him, we’ll obey His commands.
Others may laugh at us for choosing to obey God’s commands, but God will honor us. Obey God’s commands—regardless. They never go out of date.
Prayer: Father, we thank You that Your moral commands and principles are always in date.

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