Saturday, February 10, 2018

Accused - Martin Wiles

You gave me victory over my accusers. Psalm 18:43 NLT
I walked into his territory and was immediately accused.
My high school parking lot was sectioned off into unmarked regions: those for the popular kids and those for the nerds. I parked in the unpopular section. But I had made a new friend who was popular. He took me where all the cool guys and pretty girls hung out. I was excited, until one of the popular guys walked up to me and said, “You’re going to wash my car.”
When I asked why, he proceeded with his accusations. Supposedly, I had been driving in front of him and had thrown out an open container that decorated his fancy car. I denied the charges, but he maintained his accusation and threatened to “put out my lights.” I wasn’t up for a fight I’d surely lose—and I wasn’t a great fan of pain either, but neither was I going to clean his car for something I didn’t do.
I could almost feel the pain of the first punch when my friend stepped in between us. He was short but stocky and tough as nails. “You gonna have to go through me to get to him,” he said with a grin on his face. And he meant it. And the bully knew he meant it. He didn’t mind taking down someone he was sure to beat up, but he wasn’t up for a fight he might lose. He walked away—and so did I, with my friend.
Why the psalmist was falsely accused, we’re not told. He wasn’t worried though. God would give him victory over his accusers as He did me.
According to the apostle John, there is someone who stands before God day and night and falsely accuses Christians (Revelation 12:10). His name is Satan. His list of accusations is surely lengthy, but all the accusations are false. Can’t you hear him say, “God, he doesn’t really love you. If You weren’t so good to him, he’d turn his back on You?”
The good news is that Satan’s accusations—and the accusations of other humans who serve as his agents, fall on deaf ears. Christ is our defense attorney who turns every accusation around. In Christ, we are safe, our sins are forgiven, and our eternity is secure. No accusation will ever stand.
When others falsely accuse you, remember God will give you victory.

Prayer: Father, thank You for keeping us safe from all false accusations others and our enemy may make against us. 

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