Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Preparing for the Future - Martin Wiles

Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine. Psalm 16:5 NLT
The most important thing I can leave for my children is worth nothing monetarily.
I’ve seen the license plate that reads, I’m spending my children’s inheritance.” Then I’ve thought, I wish I had some inheritance to spend. I’ve tried several ways to leave an inheritance for my two children. Initially, it was savings bonds. Financial needs led me to cash them. I’ve begun college savings accounts for them only to have to use that money for various reasons.
Some of the savings plans related to me. Such as having a good life insurance policy—worth more than my funeral would cost so they would have something left over. But financial crises took that away also. Now I have only enough to bury me. They may even have to add a little.
My wife and I collect antiques, so I figure they can sell our treasures—which they will probably consider junk—and get a little money. I also have a large old-book collection, but it may turn into yard sale material if they get it.
Parents do numerous things to prepare for their children’s future. The psalmist seemed more worried about his future than he did his children’s.
The most important inheritance I can give my children is to lead them to what the psalmist said was his inheritance: the Lord. I did this. My daughter came to know Christ in her bedroom, and my son did in my office. I had the privilege of baptizing them both.
Beyond salvation, I can give my children a good example. According to present studies, young folks want to see consistent Christian behavior in adults. Failure to see it drives them from churches—and God. I’ve tried to be consistent in living for Christ before my children—just as my parents were for me.
Teaching my children spiritual truths is a part of the inheritance. Helping them see how the Bible’s teachings work in real life is essential. Giving them time is also important. All I have is now because once time has slipped away there is nothing left. The song, “The Cat’s in the Cradle,” is a somber reminder.
Working on our children’s inheritance is time sensitive. Give your children things that will last, not things that rust and moths will destroy and thieves can steal.

Prayer: Father, may we leave inheritances that will lead our children to You and help them live a healthy spiritual life. 

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