Thursday, May 20, 2021

An Undivided Heart - Martin Wiles

Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. Psalm 86:11 NIV

Division can be good … or bad. Helpful … or unhelpful.

Division was one of those math concepts I enjoyed, along with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. I even enjoyed pre-algebra, but after that, I lost interest. As a teacher calculating grades, I still use division. Even the school’s grading program automatically uses division. When I enter grades for a particular assignment, the system totals the grades and then divides them by the number of students to calculate the class average for the assignment.

Sometimes, I don’t enjoy division. Such as when my wife divides a pie or cake she has cooked—and I only get one of those pieces. Division helps us to know how many slices to cut, depending on the number of people who will eat it. The more people, the smaller my piece. On the other hand, the smaller my piece, the fewer calories I’ll consume. That part of division works in my favor.

Division can be helpful. My wife and I have a favorite restaurant in town that we often frequent. They serve a large hamburger which my wife and I share by dividing. This saves us money, helps us consume fewer calories, and helps us get the large burger in our mouths.

David prayed for an undivided heart so that he would fear God’s name. He wanted to reverence Him more each day. He knew this wouldn’t happen unless his heart was undivided. David desired to focus on loving and serving his God.

What David prayed for Jesus later reiterated, but in the opposite way. Jesus said people could not serve two masters. They would either hate the one and love the other or serve the one and ignore the others. David prayed for an undivided heart, and Jesus said we couldn’t have a divided heart—although we might try.

Division is bad when I try to serve God and other things or other people. The things and relationships might not be bad or even sinful, but if I put them before God—and if they interfere with my sole allegiance to Him—then I have divided my heart. 

Division is bad when I keep God’s love to myself instead of sharing it around.

Division is good when God’s people take the spiritual gifts and talents He gives and divide them among the world, so the world hears about God’s love, comes to know Him, and in turn, disseminates His love across the world.

When we pray for an undivided heart, we experience life as God intended. In the beginning, He walked daily in the garden with Adam and Eve. He wants that same type of relationship with us.

Follow David’s example. Pray for an undivided heart.

Prayer: Father, give us an undivided heart—one that moves us to love and serve You.

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