Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Saved - Martin Wiles

The Lord rescues the godly; he is their fortress in times of trouble. Psalm 37:39 NLT
I can save some people from some things, but I can’t save anyone from the most important thing.
My brother, son, and I were hiking in Panthertown Valley in North Carolina. Our chosen trail was an unfamiliar loop hike. Imagine our concern, when we came face to face with a flowing river. Choosing not to cross meant turning around and re-hiking what we’d just hiked. Not something we were interested in. The other choice was crossing the cold river. My son was too small to wade across, so I’d have to carry him on my back. We decided to remove our boots and socks and cross. At least, we could hike the remaining way with dry feet. An important thing when trying to avoid hypothermia. And I was able to save my son from getting wet at all.
The psalmist relied on the Lord to save him and claimed God would rescue all who are godly.
I’ve been saved numerous times by others along life’s journey. An IRS agent saved me from a huge tax debt by working out a small settlement for me. Grandparents and parents have saved me financially on numerous occasions from vehicle repair costs, as well as medical and dental costs. Now that I’m a parent and grandparent, I try to pass those saving acts along. But there are some things I can’t do.
Saving someone from the consequences of their sinful nature is beyond my power. We’re all born with one. It shows up in children at a young age. Saying “No.” Refusing to do what a parent or grandparent asks. Demonstrating in other ways their desire to rebel against authority. The sin nature—if not dealt with, leads to eternal spiritual death.
The Bible claims shedding of blood is necessary for the forgiveness of sins. But not just anyone could make the sacrifice. God required a perfect substitute, and the only One capable of making the sacrifice was His Son. The great saving act for humanity came through the person of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross.
The saving act humanity needs has been made. For my son to be rescued, he had to jump on my back. For humanity to be saved, we have to place our faith in Christ and let Him carry us.
If you haven’t been saved, Jesus offers you the chance.

Prayer: Father, thank You for providing for our salvation. 

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