Monday, March 19, 2018

Honesty—the Best Policy - Martin Wiles

Look at those who are honest and good, for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace. Psalm 37:37 NLT
Being honest isn’t easy or convenient.
I had purchased a new pickup, and the payments were stretching my budget. After making one payment, I discovered twenty dollars more than I should have had. I tried to justify the extra but could only conclude the teller had given me too much change. I returned it. She was thankful, and my honesty was put on display.
Then there was the higher priced briefcase I thought would serve me better. When the cashier scanned it, it rang up for a lower priced briefcase. My conscience bothered me before I got to the car. I returned and explained the matter. Although they didn’t make me pay the difference, neither did they thank me for my honesty.
And then came the swimming pool. The small one I purchased for the kids to splash around in. After unloading them at the house, I discovered I had picked up two. Back to the retailer. I felt better, but once again I didn’t get a thank you for my honesty.
Honesty isn’t always easy or convenient, but the psalmist—and God praises those who are. 
When I’m honest, I represent God’s character. God’s Word is filled with promises, some conditional and others unconditional. God was honest when He gave the promises, and He will fulfill both types.
Honesty is not just a good policy; it is the best policy. God doesn’t say He prefers I be honest. He expects it of me—although I have the free will to be dishonest if I choose.
Honesty is important when estimating myself. I should not think more of myself than I need to (pride), but neither should I think less of myself than God says of me (humility). I am God’s masterpiece in the making.
I should be honest in my business dealings. Doing so makes the chances good that those who do business with me will return for more.
When I’m honest, I won’t necessarily receive flattery from others. Those I returned the briefcase and swimming pool to appeared to care less that I was honest. But honesty is better than flattery.
Acts of honesty please God and point others to Him. Honesty causes my light to shine so others can see my good works and be drawn to the Father in heaven.
Let honesty be the policy you live by.

Prayer: Father, give us the strength to be honest in all of our life’s endeavors. 

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