Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tell the World - Martin Wiles

Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness; let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:3 NLT
Which of the little men would he listen to?
As a pre-teen, Charlie was sure he’d heard God whisper in his ear, telling him he wanted him to enter full-time Christian ministry. Charlie wasn’t sure how that would pan out—after all, he was only twelve years old. At that time, his passion to serve Christ was as hot as live coals. Whatever God wanted, he wanted. Little did he know how life would change in just a few years.
When Charlie was fourteen, the little black man sitting on his left shoulder began to whisper conflicting messages. Are you sure you are saved? Did God really ask you to enter full-time ministry? Wouldn’t you rather be doing what your hippie friends are doing?
Though the little white man on the other shoulder whispered different messages, Charlie gave in to the other voice. Soon, doing what God wanted him to do fell to the lowest spot on his list of priorities. The addictions of the 1970s—smoking, drinking, drugs—became his best friends and remained his best friends until he was in his early twenties.
Occasionally, Charlie would hear God’s voice through the fog of his lifestyle, but he’d quickly dismiss it. Until one day when he grew tired of running. The white man on his right shoulder won out, and he surrendered all to God.
Charlie did enter full-time Christian ministry, but giving all to God didn’t mean his life was a bed of roses. Many trials came his way. Periodically, he’d think about returning to his old lifestyle, especially when things got tough. And there were a few short moments when he did. For the most part, though, he served God faithfully and told others what God had brought him through.
Charlie did what the psalmist encouraged all Christ-followers to do: tell the world about God’s greatness.
The psalmist couldn’t tell the entire world. Neither could Charlie, and neither can I. But I can tell my circle of influence, and I can tell more than was once possible. With the press of an enter key or the tap of an icon, I can use technology to shoot messages about God’s love across the world. And if I can do that much alone, imagine what would happen if all believers did the same?
Don’t keep God’s love a secret. Tell the world.

Prayer: Father, prompt us to share Your love with the world. 

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