Saturday, March 21, 2020

Just Be Still - Martin Wiles

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Psalm 37:7 NLT

“Mr. Wiles, I need you to lie perfectly still.”

My back hurt as it never had before, so after trying to self-medicate myself—to no avail—I decided to visit my family doctor. He scheduled an MRI.

When I arrived, the technician gave me the dreaded command: lie still. In any other circumstance, lying still for thirty minutes wouldn’t be impossible. But when someone tells you to do it, things happen that don’t normally occur. My nose itched, but all I could do was twitch it. My arms itched, and then my legs. Every place imaginable needed my scratching fingers, but I didn’t dare move them lest I hear, “We’re going to have to start the test over. You moved.”

My five-year-old grandson knows less about being still than I do—especially if we give him too many sugary foods. If he doesn’t have his head stuck in Meme’s iPad, he’ll run around our small townhouse as if he’s on speed. I often say to him, “Levi, you’re making me tired just watching you.”

David encouraged his readers not to worry about their enemies or the wicked. They simply needed to be still—to be quiet—and let God handle things.

Along with being still comes silence. A tough thing in our noisy world of electronics and technological gadgets. My wife keeps two of our grandchildren and another small child, but still wants noise when they leave. I teach sixty middle schoolers and want silence when I come home.

Hearing God’s still small voice—which is how He speaks to us, whether through prayer or His Word—proves difficult when He has to compete with noise. Finding silent periods throughout the day makes it likely we’ll hear Him and understand better the guidance He wants to give.

And God’s not much into competition when it comes to choosing between Him and other things. He wants our undivided attention so He can lead us down the best path for every decision, every relationship, and every area of service to others.

In our noisy world, silence won’t come without intentionality on our part. I must mute the television, silence the radio, and take out the earplugs connected to the iPod. If I don’t, I’m likely to miss out on important information from God.

Make a point to find your silent, still spot each day so you can hear God.

Prayer: Father, guide us to that still spot where we can hear Your words to us.

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