Monday, April 9, 2018

The Need Meter - Martin Wiles

Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing. Psalm 34:10 NLT
As I graced its presence, it spun out of control.
My wife and I were living in an older house that had been built when efficiency wasn’t important. Ceilings were high, making it cooler in the summer. Every room had a fireplace, though they were now boarded. Insulation wasn’t a factor when it was built either. None underneath, none in the walls, and just a little in the ceiling. The windows were rope windows that let in almost as much air as they kept out. 
Regardless of when I walked past the meter, it spun quickly. If it was summer, the unit was doing its best to cool. Our landlord would not install a larger unit, so the smaller unit had to work harder—and still didn’t do the job. When it was cold, it failed miserably to keep the house warm.
I knew how to make it go slower: turn up the air or turn down the heat. Turning down the heat would be acceptable to my wife, but turning up the air wouldn’t. She doesn’t do hot well. Her attitude changes, and then she changes into some person I don’t know. So it’s better to let the meter run. It meets our need.
I’m thankful I have another need meter that doesn’t spin as quickly. Nor does He charge anything to meet my needs. The psalmist says anyone who trusts in the Lord can have this need-meeter meet their needs too.
There have been times when I’ve trusted in the Lord and still lacked, so I’ve had to look at this verse differently. God’s definition of good may very well be different than mine. Such as when my parents thought a particular form of discipline was good for me, but I didn’t agree. Later, I discovered they knew best.
What I think is good for me and what God knows is good for me may be entirely different. I have to trust His judgment. God’s timing also comes into play where lacking or not is concerned. What I may perceive as lacking may be merely a timing matter. I may have to lack for a time so I can receive His best.
Everything we need, Jesus will supply. His children never lack any good thing. Trust Him to be your need-meeter so your perceived need meter can slow down.

Prayer: Father, we trust You to meet every need we have in Your time and according to what You know is best for us. 

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