Saturday, February 2, 2019

Sweeter Than Condensed Milk - Martin Wiles

How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey. Psalm119:103 NLT

The can rested on the counter, a paper towel covering it with a spoon protruding through the towel.

My maternal grandmother was an excellent cook. And one thing always available was sweets. Never did I eat a meal that she didn’t offer a piece of pie or cake when I had finished my food.

“Do you want a spoonful of condensed milk?” my grandmother asked my cousin and me one day.

He spouted off “yes” immediately. He already knew about the privilege. I had no idea what condensed milk was—and hesitated to try new things.

“Come on. You’ll love it,” my cousin said. And I did.

I discovered my grandmother often used condensed milk to cook her sweets, and since she cooked sweets often I got a spoonful regularly. My wife is also an excellent cook and loves to cook homecooked meals as well.

Somewhere along the way, I saw her discard an empty can of condensed milk. I told her about the privilege my grandmother introduced me to. And ever since, a can of condensed milk with only one teaspoonful left awaits me each time she uses it for baking. Not long ago, I asked my cousin if he still imbibed. He does, but he consumes it by the can, not the teaspoon full.

The psalmist loved sweets too, and found his in God’s word. For him, God’s words were sweeter than honey. In my case, than condensed milk.
God’s word hasn’t always tasted sweet to me. The principles have a habit of confronting me with wrongful attitudes, words, or actions. If someone has wronged me and I’m planning a vengeful act, yet read that vengeance belongs to the Lord, the command doesn’t taste too sweet. But once I swallow the teaching by putting it into practice, the taste changes. Like condensed milk, I want more.

The sweetness of God’s word contains the power to change my life. Believing what it said about Jesus led to a transformation that changed me from a sinner to a saint. The words comfort me when I’m down, giving me hope for another day . . . another chance. God’s Word directs me into the paths of righteousness. When I develop a taste for it, meditating on it will become a lifelong habit—like eating condensed milk.

Don’t pass up the sweetness of God’s Word.

Prayer: Father, may the words You give us in the Bible become sweet in our mouths. 

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